PRIVATE VIEW: Paul Briginshaw is a creative director at Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy

The few times I've done Private View I've always found the most difficult bit is coming up with some kind of blurb at the beginning that neatly gets you to the work. Right, done that, on to the ads.

Salut posters show some unappetising shots of the cheese under some equally cheesy headlines in Franglais. A bit whiffy for my taste.

Of course, the masters of the cheesy pun were the writers of the Carry On films.

They even put them in the backgrounds of shots. I remember a Parisian road sign that read Rue de Remarques in the film about the French revolution.

They were also masters of political incorrectness. The Equal Opportunities Commission campaign pastiches the film posters very accurately, but for me this approach doesn't work as well in print as in radio - somehow it undermines the importance of the issues. I really liked the radio ads spoofing stack 'em high sell 'em cheap ads ("female graduates at unbeatable prices"). They had more bite.

Four very well put together ads for The Army recruitment show potential recruits what it's like learning a trade in uniform. The endline is good - "Not your basic training" - and they make The Army seem a very modern place to be. Perhaps not as challenging as the previous "be the best" campaign, but they should work despite the current uncertainty about where a job in The Army might take you.

Next, a surreal, intriguing and very watchable cinema commercial for the Spanish beer San Miguel. What else would you expect if you team Pedro Souter with Senor Carty? The hero, distracted by a group of sirens, crashes his bike and loses his bottle of beer to a minator (happens every day). We follow the bottle through the hands of various Andalucian carnival characters until a dog returns it to our hero, who has now pulled all four sirens. It's well shot and styled with a great track.

The Vauxhall Corsa is putting the fun back into driving according to the strapline. The ad certainly delivers that. In a kind of Nike "tag" for cars, we see a game of hide and seek enacted by a dozen Corsas. As a black car puts its bumper to a wall and counts to a hundred, the rest find hiding places in skips, lifts, under table cloths and even under water (check the anti-corrosion guarantee). Another well shot and entertaining spot that gives the car bags of personality.

I always get work from Mother to review. I'm not complaining. The UK Gold campaign shows people mimicking everyday folk who look like characters from comedy shows. Very funny, very fresh. Bastards.

Now for the bit of blurb at the end that relates back to the beginning.


Project: Port Salut

Clients: Jean-Noel Darniche, group product manager; Vicky Whitlock,

product manager

Brief: Win a share of the growing speciality cheese segment

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Writer: Howard Fretton

Art director: Mike Sands

Typographer: Roger Kennedy

Photographer: David Loftus

Exposure: Women's press and magazines


Project: Carry On

Client: Sarah Wootton, head of communications

Brief: Make people aware that the law is on your side if you have been

subjected to some form of sexual discrimination

Agency: BDH/TBWA

Writer: Michael Murray

Art director: Jason Hill

Typographer: Rob Scott

Illustrator: John Mac

Exposure: National and consumer press


Project: San, sea and ...

Client: Andrew Carter, beer and cider marketing controller

Brief: Demonstrate San Miguel as being at the heart of all things


Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO

Writer: Peter Souter

Art director: Peter Souter

Director: Tom Carty

Production company: Gorgeous

Exposure: National cinema


Project: Hide and seek

Client: Patrick Dunster, marketing communications manager

Brief: Drive consideration of Vauxhall Corsa

Agency: Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners

Writer: Keith Bickel

Art director: Carlos Anuncibay

Director: Frederic Planchon

Production company: Academy

Exposure: National TV and cinema


Project: Army recruitment

Client: Mark Bainbridge, head of recruit marketing

Brief: Generate 70,000 telephone responses to meet target of 15,000

soldier recruits and 1,000 officer recruits

Agency: Publicis

Writer: Ben Carey

Art director: Henrik Delehag

Director: Antony Easton

Production company: Spectre

Exposure: National TV


Project: Comedy about us

Client: Carey Wakefield, marketing director, UK TV

Brief: UK Gold shows the best of British comedy

Agency: Mother

Writer: Mother

Art director: Mother

Director: Cris Mudge

Production company: Mustard

Exposure: National TV

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