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I've worked on more than my fair share of lingerie accounts: Gossard, Aristoc and Pretty Polly, to name three. It's a tough job but someone's got to do it. My all-time favourite underwear ad showed no product at all. It was a French commercial for Lejaby and it went like this. A very prim looking girl dressed in a conservative business suit sat very properly on a chair in front of camera. She then described to us what she was wearing underneath. She talked about the lace trim on her bra and the little pink bow on her knickers and damn was it sexy because you had to use your imagination. But before everyone screams "yeah, but you're a bloke", let me say that all the girls who saw it loved the ad too because as well as being sexy it also captured the spirit of wearing beautiful lingerie just for themselves.

Six very good photographs show off Elle Macpherson Intimates in a much raunchier style. These voyeuristic pictures may well polarise opinion.

They might offend people outside the target, a few Daily Mail readers might choke on their muesli if they ever saw them, but I suspect any girl (or bloke) who has ever turned their heads towards Agent Provocateur's shop window will be queuing up for a set. Elle is on to a winner.

From between the sheets to 48-sheets and Adnams' new poster campaign. Simple, strong and very accomplished lino-cut illustrations evoke the East Anglian coastline and the home of the beer. I didn't think it was possible to smell the sea from Rathbone Street but I'm proved wrong by these excellent posters.

On to this week's TV and a trailer for five's At Home With the Eubanks.

We see a sepia-toned snippet of the show and a title telling us that it is coming soon. To be honest I'm not sure why this is here. Is a programme trailer an ad? Yes. Did much strategic or creative thinking go into this?

No. How difficult is it to choose a clip and put a title on the end? Lemon squeezy.

Come back "belly", come back "sofa", go away Reebok's latest ad. This must be some kind of international effort. Why else would you dump the differentiating brilliance of "sofa" in favour of this seen-it-all-before, big budget, sporting hero stuff. You'll have to watch it yourself because I like it so little I can't be bothered to describe it to you.

Now that's not the attitude we need in Britain's classrooms. In the Teacher Training Agency ad we see a lot of headless people and even a headless chicken (for the hard of thinking) doing ordinary jobs. Cut to a teacher in a science lesson making a joke about his lack of hair and static electricity.

A voiceover follows: "Teaching. Use your head." Well executed apart from one obvious showroom dummy in a car but let down by a familiar strategy (remember the "join the dots" ad for Air Force recruitment?) and the clunky line.

The new BMW 5 Series is launched with a great proposition. "All we know about the car, in a car." The commercial shows ink running from the pages of technical literature in BMW's library. Ink from years of research and development flows down the walls creating a river of ink. Finally, the ink morphs into the new evolution of the 5 Series. It's a very convincing piece of thinking, directing and special effects that sits perfectly with the brand.


Project: Beer from the coast

Clients: Simon Loftus, chairman; Andy Wood, sales and marketing director

Brief: Differentiate Adnams within the category and expand the brand


Agency: Campbell Doyle Dye

Writer: Sean Doyle

Art director: Dave Dye

Typographer: Dave Wakefield

Illustrator: Chris Wormell

Exposure: National 48-sheets


Project: BMW 5 Series

Client: Paul Andrews, marketing communications manager

Brief: Announce the launch of the new BMW 5 Series

Agency: WCRS

Writer: Andy Brittain

Art director: Yu Kung

Director: Daniel Barber

Production company: Rose Hackney Barber

Exposure: National and satellite TV


Project: Outperform

Client: Reebok

Brief: n/s

Agency: Arnell Group

Art director: Peter Arnell

Director: Mehdi Norowzian

Production company: RSA USA

Exposure: Global media


Project: Elle Macpherson Intimates

Client: Claire Morgan, marketing director

Brief: Launch the latest lingerie without featuring Elle modelling the


Agency: The Glue Society

Writer: The Glue Society

Art director: The Glue Society

Typographer: The Glue Society

Photographer: Rankin

Exposure: Selected women's magazines


Project: Use your head

Client: Geof Webb, director of communications and marketing

Brief: Present teaching as the creative option when compared with other


Agency: McCann-Erickson Manchester

Writer: Jonny Porthouse

Art director: Andy Lee

Director: Steve Reeves

Production company: Another Film Company

Exposure: National TV


Project: At Home With the Eubanks launch campaign

Client: David Pullan, director of marketing

Brief: Launch the new eight-part entertainment series on five, At Home

With the Eubanks, using TV media to generate immediate awareness

Agency: TBWA\London

Writer: Trevor Beattie

Art director: Bil Bungay

Director: Bil Bungay

Production company: Buggg Films

Exposure: London ITV

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