Private View: Robert Campbell, the executive creative director at McCann Erickson

I don't know if you have read in the press, but me and a few mates have started a charity called Cannesdo. Its aim is to collect money from the fortunate few - people who work in advertising - and give it to the less fortunate in the Third World. It's a no-brainer, really. The money gets to the right people, with minimum administrative wastage, via an innovative charity called Ashoka. Go to the website and you'll see a list of people who have given already. We love them. Please add your name to the list. All we ask is 50 euros. More if you like. Go on. Do it now. Be nice. Please. And I promise I'll be nice about all these ads. Actually, that's not hard. Because by and large they're a pretty good bunch.

Sky television. A crafty little press campaign. The headlines are witty.

The illustrations charming. It lacks what I would describe as "showbiz values" - the sort of visual language and tone that I would associate with Sky TV - but, hey, maybe that's a good thing.

McVities Jaffa Cakes. A strong, iconic press campaign. The hypnotic message in each ad tells us it's fine to eat Jaffa Cakes because they've only got one gram of fat in them. I like this campaign. It's fun. It understands that in a cluttered world of media, advertising needs to be astonishingly simple. Which this is. Even though the one gram of fat message gets a bit lost right down there at the bottom of the page. Oooops. I've just driven into work and passed some bus shelters. These aren't press ads.

They're six-sheets! The one gram fat message really does get lost at 30mph.

Still. At least I noticed them.

The new Vauxhall Astra. I launched the old one about five years ago. So it's good to see that the car's been a success. I like the posters best, the telly's a bit ho hum. Like Jaffa Cakes, the posters are iconic in the extreme. A sexy black-on-black profile shot of the car that makes the Astra look like an Audi. The message "Go drive" is a tad generic, but it makes its point. Good on Vauxhall for having the confidence to advertise on image. Not widgets.

Transport for London road safety. A fab commercial. It starts off in MTV style, profiling a lucky teenage girl who's made it big in Hollywood. Then shocks us by revealing she's daydreaming. And while she's daydreaming about her Hollywood stardom, she gets run over by a car. Very powerful. Very shocking. A potential Cannes winner.

Soltan from Boots. The visuals parody the Calvin Klein school of advertising. Beautiful models playing on the beach in the sun. Pity the weather on the shoot wasn't too good. They look a bit cold. Anyway. The voiceover tells us: "If you knew the damage the sun does to your skin you'd wear Soltan." A bit generic, maybe. But impactful and original none the less.

At the end of the commercial, one of the girls goes all post-production freckly. Presumably to demonstrate the damaging effects of the sun. Trouble is, she still looks pretty cute.

Walkers Poppadom Sensations. I love this. I've been trying to get this song into an ad for 25 years. It goes: "Boomboodyboomboodyboomboody boom boom boom!" Tara Palmer-Tomkinson sings. And she gets her kit off! Gary Lineker plays his part beautifully. I bet they had a laugh on the shoot.


Project: "Odd couple" press ads

Client: Charles Ponsonby, marketing director

Brief: Communicate the functionality of Sky +

Agency: HHCL/Red Cell

Writers: Ross Neil and Billy Faithful

Art directors: Ross Neil and Billy Faithful

Illustrator: Adrian Johnson

Typographer: Adrian Johnson

Exposure: National press


Project: Astra

Clients: Donald McBain, integrated marketing manager; Paul Meadows,

strategic ATL communications manager

Brief: Launch the exciting new Astra

Agency: Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners

Writer: David Adamson

Art director: Richard Prentice

Director: Jonas Akerlund

Production company: Expose Films

Exposure: Terrestrial and satellite TV


Project: Soltan

Client: Richard Holmes, commercial director of beauty

Brief: Launch Soltan as a standalone brand and highlight the fact that

it is the only five-star product range offering ultra-high protection

from UVA

Agency: Mother

Writer: Mother

Art director: Mother

Director: Chris Palmer

Production company: Gorgeous

Exposure: UK and Ireland terrestrial and satellite TV


Project: Jaffa Cakes hypnosis

Client: Rob Hobart, marketing manager

Brief: Re-awaken the lust that lapsed/light users feel for McVities'

Jaffa Cakes

Agency: Publicis

Writer: Ira Joseph

Art director: Jackie Steers

Photographer: Actis Studios

Typographer: Paul Martin

Exposure: Press, lenticulars and six-sheets


Project: Poppadom Sensations

Client: Krys Jankowski, senior brand manager

Brief: Promote the launch of Poppadom Sensations within the Walkers

campaign, using Tara Palmer-Tomkinson as Sensations' spokeswoman

Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO

Writer: Peter Souter

Art director: Peter Souter

Director: Paul Weiland

Production company: The Paul Weiland Film Company

Exposure: National TV


Project: TfL teen road safety

Client: Nigel Marson, head of group marketing communications

Brief: Jolt 11- to 14-year-olds into seeing the danger of ignoring what

they already know about crossing the road safely

Agency: M&C Saatchi

Writers: Kit Dayaram and Tom Spicer

Art directors: Kit Dayaram and Tom Spicer

Director: Daniel Kleinman

Production company: Large Corp

Exposure: National TV and cinema

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