PRIVATE VIEW: Rooney Carruthers, the creative director at Vallance Carruthers Coleman Priest

It's hot. It's very hot in this kitchen. Take your clothes off, keep your pinny on and open the fridge door. That'll surprise the wife when she gets in from work!

What a feast of goodies, a plate of advertising culinary delights that I've never been so proud to review. It really doesn't get much better than this - there may be a recession on, but the strong survive. The strong ideas rise to the top like a big souffle. And this work is top.

First, slam a car ad in the microwave. It's for Honda and it's so tasty it makes your mouth water. It's so simple, every little bit of the ad is so well observed, so watchable, I didn't want it to stop- a classic.

Next up in the kitchen is MR. What on earth is MFI doing great work like this for? Whoever decided to turn up the gas to 350 deg F deserves his cake and can eat it too. These ads are so good, I could eat'em!

Five famous celebrities (Lenny Henry, Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, Martine McCutcheon and Gordon Ramsey) reveal their kitchens, bathrooms, sofas and beds; they are funny, they are well shot and they are slick. The acting isn't over-cooked and Vic & Bob's Morecombe & Wise moment at the end fully proves old gags never go stale.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire is the Daz doorstep sandwich. Cheese & tomato is my favourite in white, Mother's Pride bread. You can take the boy out of the yob, but not the yob out of the boy. These ads are fantastic.

They are as funny as whispering "spotted dick" to your best mate when you are at school. The bra ad in particular is hilarious, especially as I didn't expect it to happen. And the hospital sketch with the Mum with a bun in the oven is a tickle. It's appropriate these ads are based on a soap opera - Brookie, to be precise. I was under the impression that washing powder ads were dull. Forget it, they are brilliant white-long may they shine.

Get cooking folks, advertising can be fun. Our next serving is for Schwartz cooking sauces. Hard to bake this recipe - get it wrong and you have two c's in a kitchen campaign. These ads are different and noticeable and they are cast to perfection. They won't be a classic like the Oxo family, but they will stand their ground. I can see the planners will have grilled this campaign 'til it was burnt to a cinder on the copywriter's pad, but they have stayed rare and juicy.

There's nothing better than sitting in a cafe, having lunch on your own, while browsing a paper. You turn the page and there's a young girl with her skull blown out, yuck! It's an ad for the National Firearms amnesty. The headline says "Get guns off the street" and so they should. This is such a big issue, I don't think any newspaper advertisement will sway David Blunkett. Bad people will always use firearms - and even badder people choose to ignore it.

Now three, small ads for The Spectator. Not my cup of tea, as a light read-but these ads gave me a flavour. I like the endline: "Unashamedly elitist." Most of all I like the wit in the subscription column, such as "the last book you wrote", etc.

They may be small ads, but they have an idea in them and so they should as it's The Spectator's 175 year anniversary. Congratulations - I'll bake you a cake.


Project: National firearms amnesty

Client: Lauren Ryner, senior publicity officer

Brief: Raise awareness that the Government is holding a firearms amnesty

between 31 March and 30 April

Agency: Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper

Writers: Dom Gettins and Ronnie Wishart

Art directors: Olly Caporn and Brett O'Connor

Typographer: Matt Palmer

Photographer: Neil Wider

Exposure: National and regional press


Project: Daz real soap

Client: Jo Cooke, brand manager

Brief: Restage the old-fashioned image of Daz by making the brand's

whiteness benefit meaningful, rewarding and entertaining

Agency: Leo Burnett

Writer: Nick Bell

Art director: Nick Bell

Director: Declan Lowney

Production companies: Tomboy Films and Production International

Exposure: National TV


Project: Dry sauce packet mix

Client: Herwig Vennekens, commercial director, consumer products,

Northern Europe

Brief: Remind people that Schwartz creates tastier food. Try it - if you

like it, pass it on

Agency: Quiet Storm

Writer: Becky Clarke

Art director: Trevor Robinson

Director: Trevor Robinson

Production company: Quiet Storm Films

Exposure: National TV


Project: Honda Accord campaign

Client: Matt Coombe, direct marketing manager

Brief: Demonstrate how well engineered the new Honda Accord is

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy

Writer: Ben Walker

Art director: Mat Gooden

Director: Antoine Bardou-Jacquet

Production company: Partizan

Exposure: National TV, DVD tip-on on national press and magazines


Project: The Spectator

Client: Kimberley Fortier, publisher

Brief: Boost sales and increase subscriptions by getting the brand


Agency: Clemmow Hornby Inge

Writer: Clemmow Hornby Inge

Art director: Clemmow Hornby Inge

Typographer: Rob Sutton

Exposure: National press and posters


Project: All the big names

Client: Jon Rosby, UK marketing director

Brief: Encourage people to reappraise their views of MFI by showcasing

the quality and stylishness of the furniture brands it sells

Agency: Publicis

Writer: Noel Sharman

Art director: Niamh Coulter

Director: Jeff Stark

Production company: Stark Films

Exposure: National and satellite TV