PRIVATE VIEW: Rooney Carruthers is the creative partner at Vallance Carruthers Coleman Priest

No beating about the bush, I open the bag, look at it, review it.

it of film, sound, type and visuals. What do I think?

Radio 1. Fabulous. How good is this? I'm jealous, very jealous. This ad is perfect. It's captivating, brilliantly shot and the sound is music to the ears. The visuals keep getting better and better. Just as you think it's over, in come the motorbikes. Brilliant. Sound design is placed to perfection and so it should be. It seems the BBC has got its act together.

The trailers for the World Cup were great. Roof Jumper, fabulous, and this is the icing on the cake. This is a client extracting every last drop of creativity out of its agencies. Long may it last.

Tetley. It's a mug of tea shot in stressful situations, crying in bed, in the office, hanging from a parachute, the list is endless. All gulped down by people who need a little calm, balance and lift in their lives.

I like my ads strong and hot with two sugars, these are weak and milky.

Although the ads talk about calm they look anything but. On a positive note all is not lost. There is an idea in here, less is more.

This must be the hardest sector to be a creative in: fashion. Most fashion ads don't look fashionable, there again, people in glass houses ... Base London Clothing. In the shadow of the clothes horses (read model) is the type.

Groovy if you can be bothered to read it.

Fcuk. Still in the heady world of fashion, I step on to the nombre huit from Le Kilburn High Road and find myself in Marble Arch, Boulevard Oxford Street. It's well shot. The idea is sound. Put a Londoner in fcuk and he becomes Jean-Paul Belmondo, all garlic and Gauloise. My only gripe is that it lacks Trevor's trademark. I think it could have been sexier.

As I watch it I'm anticipating a movement in the trouser area. Fcuk is probably the best branded campaign of the past five years. And this little treasure will do it no harm whatsoever. Vive le campaign.

VW Polo. Vignettes of a guy going about his everyday life slamming all kinds of doors shut. Fridges in supermarkets, the microwave, his mother's antique drinks cabinet, etc. Then he slams the door closed on his VW Polo. "The tough new Polo - don't let it go to your head" is the endline. It is well shot as you'd expect from VW. Unfortunately, I find this ad really annoying. The guy looks totally pissed off with life, and comes across as a spoilt brat and I want to give him a good kicking. Sorry, this must be the first VW ad ever slammed. As for the proposition of cars having tough doors, I think they may be scraping the barrel.

Heat. Last out of the bag, Heat magazine. If fashion is hard, media owners are even harder. Girls in an office gossip about celebs and then themselves.

These ads are really well observed, well put together, the acting comically correct. Creative and director working as one. The client and agency must be happy. Pour yourself a cold one. The Heat is off.


Project: New Polo "grand slam"

Client: Catherine Woolfe, communications manager, small cars

Brief: Communicate that the Polo is an incredibly well built small car

Agency: BMP DDB

Writer: Dylan Harrison

Art director: Feargal Ballance

Director: Lenard Dorfman

Production company:

Exposure: National TV


Project: Tetley Tea:therapy

Client: Rebecca Bergs, senior brand manager

Brief: Communicate the benefits of Tetley's new Tea:therapy range

Agency: D'Arcy

Writer: Matt Wheeler

Art director: David Chidlow

Photographer: Julian Germaine

Exposure: National press


Project: Radio 1Xtra

Client: Gail Nuttney, head of youth marketing

Brief: The definitive new black music station is here

Agency: Fallon Writer: Rob Potts

Art director: Andy Jex

Director: Nick Gordon

Production company: Academy

Exposure: National TV


Project: fcuk

Client: Stephen Marks, chief executive

Brief: Autumn brand campaign

Agency: TBWA/London

Writer: Trevor Beattie

Art director: Bil Bungay

Director: Toby McDonald

Production company: The Paul Weiland Film Company

Exposure: International TV and cinema


Project: Heat magazine

Client: Liz Martin, group marketing manager

Brief: Create a mass-market TV campaign that reflects Heat's brand


Agency: Quiet Storm

Writer: Becky Clarke

Art director: Trevor Robinson

Director: Trevor Robinson

Production company: Quiet Storm Films

Exposure: National TV


Project: Base London Clothing

Client: Becky Munslow, brand manager

Brief: People judge you by what you wear. If you wear Base you'll always

look great

Agency: Banc

Writer: James Hodge

Art directors: Richard Fox and Craig Roderick

Typographer: Mark Osborne

Photographer: Lee Powers

Exposure: Posters and men's monthlies

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