PRIVATE VIEW: Rooney Carruthers, the creative partner at Vallance Carruthers Coleman Priest

We used to go to Butlins in Clacton for our summer holidays when we were kids, a real treat for a boy from Willesden. What fun. I could eat six hot ring donuts in one sitting. At breakfast, every family table got a raffle ticket and we'd sing the breakfast song and the compere would draw the winning ticket.

"Always eat when you are hungry.

"Always drink when you are dry.

"Always wash when you are dirty.

"Don't stop breathing, or you die.

"Aaah aah aah aah box."

First out of the box is Honda. There is no set style to this campaign and I find that refreshing: it keeps it contemporary. What a well put-together piece of film. The music is very American Beauty and draws you in. I love its depth of observation and style and I'm anticipating that the great voiceover will convince the consumer of the benefits of driving a Honda motor car. Lovely stuff. The art director, copywriter and director win free passes to be hurdy-gurdy.

It's a scary world out there. Some people just can't get through a day they are so low. The Samaritans are there to listen - the "red coats" for the clinically depressed - and they need volunteers. This ad is visually striking and does the job. The ghost train just keeps riding and it needs stopping.

My favourite ride was the dodgems - crash bang wallop. I really believed I was driving around in a little car. When BMW bought Rover, the Mini was reinvented and what a rebirth within a year. I believe it sold more than 100,000 - it's a car that can sell itself. Looks like it might have to ...

It's a heady aroma, stale beer, pipe tobacco, a full English, fish and chips in the communal dining rooms at Butlins. They must have used gallons of Domestos to wash everything away. It's hard to feel romantic about a disinfectant but LHS have done it. This ad has a touch of the Hob Nobs about it: the music is so catchy you can't stop tapping. A tough brief, executed with a touch of panache. A trip down memory lane.

It used to be a world of Ford Corsairs, Cortinas and Populars. Now it's Hondas, BMWs, Minis and Toyotas. Things change, male testosterone doesn't.

We're not swinging with Glenn Miller but with the wife swappers of Stanmore.

Everyone has put their car keys in the bowl and the big lady wants hard sex. The male sex machines line up on the sofa in fear of being chosen. She picks up a key and all the men stand up - cut to pack shot. They all want to drive the Toyota. Lucky girl.

The computer game has taken over the world of my youth. I'm not a player myself, but Sony PlayStation set the standard. Can we go back five years when this brand had attitude? "Double life" is still the benchmark. I know this ad is there to sell games, but it's become a very overused cliche in this market to cut real film with games footage. Yawn, snore, fart, burp, goodnight campers.


Project: Ear

Client: Paul Girling, divisional director

Brief: Volunteer recruitment

Agency: Dig for Fire

Writer: Mike Ruddy

Art directors: Steve Loftus and Richard Hillam

Typographer: Steve Loftus

Photographer: Richard Hillam

Exposure: National six-sheet posters


Project: SOCOM US Navy Seals

Clients: Isabelle Tomatis, group product manager; Peter Clare, senior

product manager

Brief: Dramatise the experience of giving voice commands to your fellow


Agency: TBWA\London

Writers: Chris Bovill and John Allison

Art directors: Chris Bovill and John Allison

Director: Sam Cadman

Production company: Rogue

Exposure: Pan-European TV


Project: Mini personalisation poster

Client: Emma Lowndes, marketing manager

Brief: Communicate the opportunity to personalise the Mini in hundreds

of ways with Mini's options and accessories

Agency: WCRS

Writer: David Cornmell

Art director: Jane Briers

Typographer: Doug Foreman

Photographer: Jonathan Burton

Exposure: National 48-sheet posters and banners


Project: Domestos "time"

Client: Helena Ganczakowski, homecare market development director

Brief: Announce the fact that Domestos has a new, longer-lasting bleach

Agency: Lowe

Writer: Sam Cartmell

Art director: Jason Lawes

Director: Mark Denton

Production company: Therapy Films

Exposure: National TV


Project: Key party

Client: n/s

Brief: Continue the "car to be proud of" campaign, showing the extremes

people go to in an effort to claim the Corolla is theirs

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Writer: Hugh Todd

Art director: Adam Scholes

Director: Matthias van Heinegen

Production company: Outsider

Exposure: National TV


Project: Honda IMA

Client: Matt Combe, marketing manager

Brief: Demonstrate Honda's commitment to developing cutting-edge

technology in the form of the new IMA engine system

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy London

Writers: Tom Chancellor and Kim Papworth

Art directors: John Cherry and Tony Davidson

Director: Peter Thwaites

Production company: Gorgeous

Exposure: National TV