PRIVATE VIEW: Seven shy subversive Swedes climb into the Private View chair for Cannes week. Thanks to Mats, Pontus, Sam, Patrik, Ulf and their producers Richard and Ole

Aunt Gunnar kicked in the ice-block, and midnight sun flowed into

the igloo, stinging our eyes, still sensitive from the long, dark

unwholesome winter.

A gargling sound emanated from her throat sounding something like:


She leaned close with a tear in her eye, clutching a hot cup of

whale-blubber and dispensing her annual advice:

"Go forth and be festive ... attend all seminars ... get early nights

with hands firmly on top of duvet ... do not speak to those with plastic

cards hanging from a string around their necks and, whatever you do, do

not accept 'Private View' assignments during the week in which the

subjects of your ramblings will have full access to your exposed

underbelly at its most vulnerable."

Oops ... too late ... and to make matters worse Campaign has not sent us

any credits. Consequently, we can expect our Pernod to be spiked with

malice from anybody and everybody.

Better men than us have managed to weave a smart common thread through

the commercials at hand. We toyed for a while with a theme about

obsessive behaviour, but the phone kept ringing.

To the work. Safely played or otherwise. Feel free to read between the

lines. If you squint you may see our real sentiments running around like

an arctic badger on heat.

The Nintendo campaign is restrained and well-observed. The climaxes seem

a little deflated, but that is probably intentional and even


Organics is hilarious. Whatever large corporation produces this shampoo,

it deserves a large moose sandwich for having the courage to go beyond

pseudo-scientific demonstrations, scene-by-scene objectives and

tilted-camera "lifestyle".

The core idea is smart, relevant and irreverent. The execution borders

on occasional hysterics, but it is forgivable in the light of the

unrestrained energy, and the end result is somehow confusingly arousing.

Great endline.

The MTV spot kept us guessing, and consequently watching. It is

inventive and full of funky imagery. However, in purely personal terms,

we are a tad divided about making MTV ads that look very much like the

music videos it already shows.

The Yellow Pages campaign was much liked and it features good

performances. Especially so in the sandwich shop.

Impulse is a bouncy dramatised product demo hidden in an entertaining

enough film. On our little screen the girls seem confusingly similar,

but in the end the ads are playful and effective. Directing nightclub

scenes with dancing is tricky. We have failed before. So the decision to

sidestep the problem by making it stylised is probably wise. It works


Zurich Financial Services is a puzzling blockbuster. Lawrence of Arabia

hassling a kid while wearing a funny hat. But then again, what do we

know? Rugby was never big on the tundra, as scrumming on permafrost is

bad for your scrotum.

We kept waiting for a twist in which the climaxing special effects would

unravel knowingly. They did not. But perhaps that is for the better? Too

much irony in your diet can lead to alcohol.

Speaking of which. See you at Plage Royal. We will be wearing padded

Speedos, and selling rubber monkey key-rings to the passing locals. Deux



Project: Impulse anti-perspirant

Client: Margaret Jobling, brand director

Brief: Launch Impulse anti-perspirant

Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Writer: Anthony Goldstein

Art director: Gavin Lester

Director: Kevin Thomas

Production company: Thomas Thomas

Exposure: National TV


Project: Organics

Client: Sarah Taylor, brand activations manager

Brief: Relaunch Organics

Agency: Mother

Writer: Mother

Art director: Mother

Director: John O'Hagan

Production company: Hungry Man

Exposure: National TV


Project: Launch of MTV Hits

Client: Virginia Monaghan, channel manager, MTV Dance and Hits

Brief: Launch the new MTV channel, MTV Hits

Agency: Malcolm Moore Deakin Blazye

Writer: Gary Ruby

Art director: Nick Williamson

Director: Tom Carty

Production company: Gorgeous

Exposure: MTV and Channel 5


Project: Rugby sponsorship

Client: James Hill, marketing communications director

Brief: Support Zurich's sponsorship of first class rugby

Agency: Joshua

Writer: Eddie Haydock

Art director: Andy Ray

Director: Thomas Krygier

Production company: Krygier Hirschkorn

Exposure: n/s


Project: Nintendo Game Boy Advance

Client: David Gosen, managing director, sales and marketing, Nintendo of


Brief: Launch Game Boy Advance to teens within a new Nintendo-wide brand


Agency: Leo Burnett

Writers: Jack Stephens and Adam Griffin

Art directors: Rob Spicer and Rob Neilson

Director: Johan Renck

Production company: Jane Fuller Associates

Exposure: Pan-European TV


Project: Yell

Client: John Hayward, head of user communications

Brief: Get the elements of Yell, Yellow Pages, and Talking

Pages, remembered as the automatic place to go when you want something

Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO

Writers: Sean Doyle and Jeremy Carr

Art directors: Dave Dye and Mike Durban

Director: Tom Vaughan

Production company: HLA Exposure: National TV