PRIVATE VIEW: Tim Delaney, the chairman of Leagas Delaney

First stop: to a new campaign for Ribena from Grey. Now I know it is not the done thing to name the agency in a review but this is an agency which is attempting to re-invent itself for about the 100th time and therefore any work that comes about because of the latest makeover is of interest.

On the basis of this campaign, a fairminded person would have to say ten out of ten for endeavour. Ribena is blessed or saddled with its healthy credentials depending on whether you are a mother, a kid or a brand manager.

This campaign comes down firmly on the side of the kid (and therefore the brand manager). Health has gone. A generic drinking method is the story. But the style is aggressively modern and, while it is a little derivative, it won't be ignored by the kids. Or mothers, for that matter.

The "fleet" brief is one that invariably bounces round the creative department before being resolved the night before the presentation, usually to an extremely pragmatic and forthright fleet sales director. High marks are due then to Volkswagen for its fleet car campaign. Well crafted, simple without being patronising, and direct. Why does VW always seem to make advertising look so effortless? I suspect it's because over the years it has trusted its agency, which in turn has believed in the consumer's intelligence. Not complicated, but how come so few other car brands are as consistent?

Smoking near children. If the way to a man's heart is via his stomach, then the way to a woman's is via her children. So goes the thinking behind the latest attempt to stop us smoking. The visuals are quietly shocking, the voiceover sensible, rather than hectoring, and the conclusion inevitable. If you care for your children you wouldn't dream of smoking around them. The music grated though. "Children equals lullabies." Who can we blame for that stroke of genius?

The Red Magazine campaign is a little strange. It has a quiet, meaningful tone but the meaning is lost on me. There seems to be a lot of angst and I think it may have to do with how the magazine helps you deal with huge life problems - such as how much you should pay for stuff. Anyway, I got lost, but I like the endline: "Red for life, the universe and accessories" (or something like that). It suggests a better campaign than this one.

AFC Wimbledon. This one's a sign of the times. A commercial for the formation of a football club. Or was it to help build a stadium? Either way, it was long on the tribal warfare among fans and short on information. I suspect that a couple of rabid "true Wimbledon" fans, ie. ones who refuse to drive on the M1 because it goes past Milton Keynes, have persuaded a director to make a film to help the cause. Whether it works or not will depend on how many people see it, which I suspect will be anyone going to the Odeon Wimbledon and every awards jury between here and Tasmania.

It's easy to review the current set of Adidas originals ads as the campaign idea and first 12 ads were done in our agency. I think the business idea of re-marketing old products that have current appeal is something many companies could follow. The campaign we originated did a terrific job of making the shoes and clothes more than just retro fashion. The quirky product stories added substance and the art direction added both character and modernity to the concept.

These ads continue the campaign but somehow lack the involvement of the first ads in the series. Well, I would say that, wouldn't I?


Project: "The car your drivers want"

Client: Cheryle Kateley, fleet marketing manager

Brief: Make sure Volkswagen is included on as many fleet managers' lists

as possible by reminding them that their drivers really want VWs, not

other car brands

Agency: BMP DDB

Writer: Dean Webb

Art director: Mark Reddy

Typographer: Kevin Clarke

Photographer: Daniel Stier

Exposure: Various fleet titles


Project: "Smoking near children"

Client: Jeeve Gupta, senior campaign manager, Department of Health

Brief: Educate everyone - smokers and non-smokers - about the health

risks of smoking around children

Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO

Writer: Richard Foster

Art director: John Horton

Director: Malcolm Venville

Production company: Therapy Films

Exposure: National TV


Project: Ribena sports cap launch

Client: Liz Greenwood, senior brand manager

Brief: Launch the Ribena sports cap and built credibility among eight-

to 12-year-olds

Agency: Grey London

Writer: Paul Pickersgill

Art director: Paul Pickersgill

Director: Mark Denton

Production company: Therapy Films

Exposure: National TV


Project: Originals 03

Client: Eva Hartmann, global advertising manager

Brief: Advertise the Adidas "Originals" brand in 2003

Agency: 180, Amsterdam

Writers: Tim Geoghegan, Peter McHugh

Art directors: Caprice Yu, Andy Fackrell, Dean Maryon

Photographers: David Harriman, Ben & Josie (Uzi PartB)

Exposure: National style titles


Project: Red Magazine

Client: Liz Settle, marketing manager, woman's brands

Brief: Position Red as a magazine that reflects real women's lives, with

a fine line between the serious and frivolous

Agency: DFGW

Writer: Dan Gorlov

Art director: Rachel Le Feuvre

Director: Toby MacDonald

Production company: The Paul Weiland Film Company

Exposure: National TV


Project: "The fans' stadium"

Client: Kris Stuart, chairman

Brief: Encourage fans of football to help AFC Wimbledon build the fans'

stadium Agency: TBWA\London

Writer: Paul Silburn

Art director: Paul Silburn

Director: Stuart Douglas

Production company:

Exposure: Satellite TV