PRIVATE VIEW: Tony Granger, the executive creative director at Saatchi & Saatchi

Open University. Mmmm, it's that Mac again I'm afraid. It's never been a substitute for a simple, great idea, and still isn't.

Smart car. The upside - some fun, fresh art direction. The downside - shot of car and a headline. If you're playing this game, then your lines need to be fantastic. A Porsche ad springs to mind: it's as fast as you can travel without having to eat airline food (at least it went something like that).

Firetrap. Right, I have this script okay, it's the story of a girl and guy who are getting into each other in a cool apartment, okay, then they hear, okay, the girl's boyfriend coming into the apartment, okay, so then, the guy climbs out the window and the boyfriend comes in suspecting something ,okay, but sees the shirt , okay , that his tramp (unknown to him) girlfriend has bought him, okay, and then, he smiles. So what we'll do, okay, is find a cool peace of trendy music, okay, and give it a young, trendy, oh-so-cool look.

Okay, where is the idea?

Dulux. The brief for Dulux Once is for a fast drying paint, so why does the commercial feel soooo slow? In the second spot, for Dulux Realife, where are the close-up shots of a roller applying paint, lovingly shot with hours of retouching in Flame or Inferno? Gone thank God. In its place a delightfully simple idea that uses kids' drawings on the wall as animated characters. Simple, simple, simple. Did I mention simple?

Yellow Pages. Here is a spot featuring a guy who cuts his niece's hair, only to mess it up horribly. In comes Yellow Pages to the rescue. An old storyline, I'm afraid, but some wonderful performances and a very funny end sequence save it.

Travelocity. The dotcom category has always been an opportunity for agencies to be funny, irreverent and controversial. Full of innuendo, this spot sucks you in, so to speak.


Project: Yellow Pages

Client: John Hayward, head of consumer communications

Brief: Build and maintain Yellow Pages' role in modern living

Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO

Writer: Mary Wear

Art director: Andy McKay

Director: Paul Goldman

Production company: 2am Films

Exposure: National TV


Project: Everyman/Everywoman

Client: Andrew Hobbs, marketing director

Brief: Demonstrate the aspirational value of an Open University course

through animation

Agency: DP&A

Writer: Alex Bass

Art director: Colin Rayment

Director: Dan Douglass

Production company: Red Gecko

Exposure: National TV


Project: Stewards

Client: Charlotte Harper, marketing director

Brief: Position Travelocity as the travel website that offers the most


Agency: St Luke's

Writer: Matt Janes

Art director: Vic Polkinghorne

Director: Frank Todaro

Production company: New York

Exposure: London cinema


Project: Dulux Once, Dulux Realife

Client: Kerris Bright, marketing director

Brief: Relaunch Dulux Once in matt emulsion and reinforce its raison

d'etre. Launch Dulux Realife as ten-times tougher than ordinary matt


Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO

Writer: Nick Worthington

Art director: Paul Brazier

Director: Toby McDonald

Production company: The Paul Weiland Film Company

Exposure: National TV


Project: Smart city coupe

Client: Sam Bridger, head of marketing

Brief: Launch the second generation city coupe by building on the

brand's unconventional approach to life

Agency: MBA

Writer: Tony Hill

Art director: Dave Weller

Typographer: Jason Hyde

Photographer: John Alflat

Exposure: National press


Project: "Hold on to it"

Client: Carlos Singh, communications manager

Brief: Raise Firetrap's brand profile and communicate its personality

Agency: Junction Group

Writer: Simon Goffen

Art director: Paul Nathan

Director: Paul Nathan

Production company: Junction Group/Middlewick Pictures

Exposure: MTV