PRIVATE VIEW: Trevor Robinson, the managing director and creative director at Quiet Storm

As I was looking at these ads, three female creatives, who shall remain nameless, tipped up in the room. I tried to make them leave but they just kept on making comments, some of which crept into my review.

Another in the Peter Kay John Smith's "no nonsense" campaign where he interrupts Engelbert Humperdink mid-croon. Like it. Really funny. You don't see the gag coming, which makes the heckling very entertaining.

The girls especially noticed the delicious-looking cocktails on the tray and Engelbert's nipples poking through his black silk shirt (and thought they recognised the club in Romford where it was shot).

A very brave move for Mother to make an ad that is not funny and also to try to recreate the Coke optimism. Personally, it doesn't work for me and I want to grind her Coke-pushing ways under my heel. The girls' only concern is that the bottles might spill in her bag.

Next, streetwise youths wearing low-slung Levi's jeans. Overall, a positive departure from slick Levi's ads. It was necessary to move the brand on but, to be honest, if it weren't Levi's I wouldn't have given it a second look. The Latino tight-trousered one made me laugh out loud and the dialogue that "you can't understand but know what they're saying" felt real and had that "have you seen?" factor. However, Levi's has lost the "power of the jean" at the moment, so the question is will this be strong enough to get it back its "must have" image? The girls quite rightly said: "What about the girls?" Has Levi's given up on them completely?

Bright, colourful T-shirts with logos wearing sunglasses to dull the brilliant colour achieved with Persil. These posters remind me of the Trott-esque advertising that we were made to do at college. But, saying that, they will probably win a design award.

Coco de Mer print work all about orgasms. The psychedelic explosion of colour is definitely the most powerful, expressive, original route here, which will have a great deal of stand-out. Personally, I would have made the most of the amazingly designed products and ideas that are in the shop, which are art in themselves. The girls said: "Cut the ad wank, where's the dildo?"

A family has their Typhoo taken away and replaced by alternative wake-up calls, from buckets of cold water to a cockerel, in a series of experiments.

I actually went out of my way to track this down on the website after I first saw this on TV. It's really good. Well directed, very funny and surprising. It would be great to see something as simple as this win an award. Reluctant though I am to say it, Clemmow Hornby Inge is doing some great ads and it hasn't fallen into the trap of a house style. Well done to the client for buying some great creative. The girls started crying, then stormed out, saying they wished they had written this.

To be honest, I feel quite privileged to review such strong work. If you have any grievances regarding any of my comments, please address them to Becky Clarke, Cat Campbell or Jo Wallace at Quiet Storm.


Project: Orgasms

Client: Sam Roddick, proprietor

Brief: Redefine the realms of sexuality and exploring your boundaries

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Writer: Leo Premutico

Art director: Jan Jacobs

Typographers: Roger Kennedy and Luke Simkins

Exposure: National press and magazines


Project: Show-stopper

Client: Munnawar Chishty, marketing manager

Brief: Continue to reinforce the John Smith's no-nonsense brand values

in a refreshing way by taking it into new areas

Agency: TBWA\London

Writer: Paul Silburn

Art director: Paul Silburn

Director: Daniel Kleinman

Production company: Large Corp

Exposure: National TV


Project: 501 Anti-fit

Client: Kenny Wilson, president, Levi's brand

Brief: Force reappraisal of the 501 by dramatising its "anti-fit" nature

Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Writers: Nick Gill and Stephen Butler

Art directors: Nick Gill and Stephen Butler

Director: Speck Gordon

Production company: Omaha Pictures

Exposure: Pan-European TV and cinema


Project: I wish

Client: Julia Goldin, marketing director

Brief: Emotionally engage and inspire consumers with the real values

inherent in the Coca-Cola brand

Agency: Mother

Writer: Mother

Art director: Mother

Director: Ringan Ledwidge

Production company: Small Family Business

Exposure: National TV


Project: Typhoo brand campaign

Client: Jaspal Chada, marketing director

Brief: Reinforce Typhoo's position as the only choice for the first cup

of tea of the day

Agency: Clemmow Hornby Inge

Writers: Stuart Button and Greg Mutton

Art directors: Stuart Button and Greg Mutton

Director: Martin Granger

Production company: Bikini Films

Exposure: National TV


Project: Persil logo campaign

Client: Rosalind Walker, European marketing manager

Brief: Communicate Persil's top cleaning credentials

Agency: J. Walter Thompson

Writer: Huw Rowlands

Art director: Alastair Scully

Photographer: Kevin Summers

Exposure: National 48-sheet posters

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