The new Silk Cut Ultra posters are witty and elegant visualisations of ’ultraness’. Indeed, they’re almost elegant enough to distract one from the controversial nature of the product they’re selling.

The new Silk Cut Ultra posters are witty and elegant visualisations

of ’ultraness’. Indeed, they’re almost elegant enough to distract one

from the controversial nature of the product they’re selling.

Here in California where I’m writing this piece (I’ve briefly emerged

from retirement to act as sex consultant on another one of those steamy

Peugeot 306 spots), they don’t have much truck with smoking. There’s a

poster out here at the moment that depicts two cowboys riding side by

side with the headline (in Marlboro typeface) ’I miss my lung, Bob’. (Of

course, whether Tex has lost his lung through the locally reviled habit

of smoking or from the locally encouraged pastime of gun play, is not

entirely clear.)

Orange continues to make beautiful-looking commercials, thanks, as ever,

to Mr Beautiful, Rooney Carruthers. Here, though, perhaps the writing

side of the partnership had something else on his mind because, frankly,

I don’t know what the voiceover is on about.

It’s something to do with Orange and the future, which we can presume is

going to be broadly positive judging by the pretty pictures.

Colman’s Mustard has an animated pig - voiced by Trevor Beattie -

singing an autobiographical lament to a mustard mouthwatering enough to

be fatal to anyone made of pork. Not quite a silk purse. Sow-sow.

The new McDonald’s extravaganza is, as ever, beautifully turned. This

story involves a boy’s repeatedly fruitless attempts to get Alan

Shearer’s autograph, until the day Mr Shearer turns up as a customer at

the McDonald’s where the boy works.

When his idol writes a cheque, the canny lad grabs the opportunity to

question his signature, asking him to provide another. Which Shearer

does with a nicely-wrought facial expression suggesting, topically, that

the lad was lucky not to get his head kicked in.

McDonald’s comes out of this as an unquestioned staple of life, much

like milk or Coca-Cola. Mr Shearer emerges as a surprisingly good actor

- a far cry from all the other recent wooden performances (in

commercials and on the pitch) by England World Cup stars, all of whom

appear courtesy of the Royal Forestry Commission.

Bupa is another visually exquisite piece. It’s made by the incomparable

Mr Paul ’Red Hot’ Gay and is about two identical twins’ journey through

life. One suspects that there’s some kind of message in here about no

two people needing the same medical attention, or something.

But again, the voiceover is so flabby that one can only do just that:

suspect. Should have let Red Hot write it.


Project: McDonald’s

Client: John Hawkes, senior vice-president

Brief: n/s

Agency: Leo Burnett

Writer: Nick Bell

Art director: Mark Tutssel

Director: Kirk Jones

Production company: Tomboy Films

Exposure: National TV


Project: Orange

Client: Rob Furniss, marketing director

Brief: Communicate that the Orange network performs better than any

other network because it has more transmitters

Agency: WCRS

Writer: Steve Little

Art director: Tim Robinson

Directors: Dominic Griffiths, Marc Craste, Philip Hunt

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Philip Hunt

Production company: AKA Pizazz

Exposure: National TV


Project: Colman’s English Mustard

Client: Richard Kingsbury, brand manager

Brief: Re-energise Colman’s Mustard

Agency: J. Walter Thompson

Writer: Richard Spencer

Art director: Jo Dickenson

Director: Matt Forrest

Production company: Snapper

Exposure: National TV


Project: Silk Cut Ultra

Client: Patrick Billson, marketing director

Brief: Reflect the values of Silk Cut Ultra as a stylish and

contemporary brand

Agency: M&C Saatchi

Writer: Merlin Sinclair

Art director: Justin Bussell

Artist: Wim Hardeman

Exposure: National press and posters


Project: Bupa

Client: Pat Stafford, marketing director

Brief: Differentiate Bupa by owning ’wellness’ and demonstrate its

understanding of individuality

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Writer: Nicola Gill

Art director: Sally Bargeman

Director: Paul Gay

Production company: Outsider

Exposure: National TV and satellite