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A range of work this week, ranging from the sublime to the cor blimey.

A range of work this week, ranging from the sublime to the cor


Today’s starter is McCain chips and pizza, now brought to you by


What we have here are about half a dozen nicely observed slices of


Together they represent a major improvement over the previous campaign,

simply by moving from irritatingly wacky to engagingly charming. The

best of the bunch features a little girl who can’t decide which to love

most, chips or Daddy. (Daddy loses in extra time.) It’s all held

together with the line ’you can’t help yourself’ and rounded off by what

sounds like the voice of the weatherman, Ian McCaskill. On balance, I

think these should go down pretty well.

The Government is launching something called a New Deal for


We discover this through a commercial which features a selection of

young people in their respective new work places: a bowling alley, a

restaurant and the canteen of Rolls Royce Motors. The three protagonists

suddenly stand up and address their colleagues/customers to tell them

about the scheme and how it helped them get their new jobs. It’s all

pretty cogent without being rivetting. Let’s hope it works.

Now that we’ve all come to terms with the devastating news that Nicole

and Papa are offski, it’s time to have a look at the replacement, which

represents something of a departure for the Renault Clio. Firstly, we’ve

got another Frenchie (and very lovely she is, too). A bit more

sophisticated than Nicole and she’s got something important to tell us.

Apparently, size really does matter. As she goes on to explain why, we

see her boyfriend (he’s English) put the car through its paces on what

looks like Morecambe Sands. I liked this quite a lot.

It tells me more about the car than Nicky and Pop ever did, it’s very

nicely shot and has all the usual car commercial trimmings like a nice

soundtrack. It also comes with a matching press and poster campaign, all

of which use the ’size matters’ theme but, in my view, not to quite such

good effect as the TV work. It’s not quite in the same league as the VW

Polo commercial, but all in all it stands up very nicely and, as I’m

sure the lady in the commercial would tell you, that’s important


Good comedy isn’t very easy, gripping drama isn’t a walk in the park

either, but, for my money, there’s nothing quite as tricky as making

something enigmatic. The case in point is the latest Carling Premier


I seem to remember that all the previous iterations of this campaign

arrived with excellent music and this one is no exception. The trouble

is, the plot isn’t quite as excellent. We’ve got a bloke on an orange

mountain bike crossing over a waterfall on a tightrope witnessed by

various disbelieving onlookers. Later we find him in a bar with the very

same bike suspended above him, he asks the barmaid whose bike it is and

she tells him it’s his. I’m just not quite sure what it’s telling


Finally, Ben Sherman. This is a brand that seems confident about how to

address its audience.

This consumer, it would appear, falls squarely into the ’You calling my

pint a poof?’ category. Hence headlines like ’Topless women’s teams.

That’s fantasy football.’ And ’If the effects of global warming are

everywhere, why’s my flat so fucking cold.’ It’s not really my cup of

tea, which, I suspect, is of no consequence as you get the feeling not

least from the line ’cut from a different cloth’ that this audience

knows what it likes and is being given it in spades by the agency, and

you can’t argue with that.


Project: McCain chips and pizza

Client: Julie Leivers, marketing director

Brief: Create a consistent campaign for McCain products to convey their


Agency: DMB&B

Writers: Mark Waldron, Ben Hartman

Art directors: Dave Godfree, Neil Durber

Director: David Lodge

Production company: Native

Exposure: National TV


Project: New Deal

Client: Helena Rafalowska, New Deal marketing and communications

Brief: Build on the goodwill of companies who have signed up for New

Deal by demonstrating its success

Agency: St Luke’s

Writer: Colin Lamberton

Art director: Seyoan Vela

Director: Vadim Jean

Production company: The Mob

Exposure: National TV


Project: Clio

Client: Tim Mack, communications director

Brief: Communicate the increased benefits of the Clio in a provocative


Agency: Publicis

Writer: Paul Quarry

Art director: Jamie Colonna

Director: Malcolm Venville

Production company: Malcolm Venville Films

Photographer: Jean Loupe-Zieff

Typographers: Paul Beer, Alan Moore

Exposure: National TV, press and posters


Project: Carling Premier

Client: Colin Haddley, senior brand manager

Brief: Show that Carling Premier is a lager that ’keeps its head’ and

show the benefit of smooth and effortless drinkability

Agency: WCRS

Writer: Steve Little

Art director: Tim Robertson

Director: Wim Wenders

Production company: The End (London)

Exposure: National TV


Project: Ben Sherman

Client: Bill Walker, chairman

Brief: Exploit the heritage of the brand in a relevant and contemporary


Agency: Grey

Writer: Ivor Jones

Art director: Gary Woodward

Photographer: David Moores

Exposure: National posters