Some months ago a young advertising recruit was quoted in this magazine as choosing TBWA for his future career because ‘they had the Zeitgeist by the bollocks’.

Some months ago a young advertising recruit was quoted in this magazine

as choosing TBWA for his future career because ‘they had the Zeitgeist

by the bollocks’.

This crude and brutal phrase has haunted me ever since. I only have to

close my eyes to picture the Zeitgeist struggling to keep up with the

Mood of the Times on account of a wee Trevor Beasttie fastened grimly to

its nether portions. I have since monitored that agency’s work closely,

looking for some loosening of the grip, the possibility of a moment’s

respite. First, let it be said that I yield to no man in my admiration

for young Trevor. Give that man a pair of beautiful breasts and, to my

mind, there’s no-one to touch him this side of Russ Meyer. But I’ve

often wondered, as I’m sure you have, what la Beasttie would do with,

say, a thermally insulated beverage container? So I couldn’t believe my

luck when TBWA won the Thermos account. How would the ol’ Beasttaroonie

measure up? Well - all right, I suppose, but put it this way, the

Zeitgeist is sitting rather more comfortably these days.

Speaking of account wins, McCann-Erickson has pulled off the coup of the

year so far by lifting the After Noah antique shop business from under

the noses of M&C Saatchi, Saatchi and Saatchi, Bartle Bogle Hegarty,

Abbott Mead Vickers, BMP DDB etc. Still, an opportunity to do some ‘nice

work’ eh fellas? Personally, I find the art-direction rather fussy and

the copy a tad twee but the shop is in Islington after all.

Rimmel has a jolly tune and some fast-cut hand-held stuff featuring a

sanitised version of the voracious teenage killer-babes that stalk the

pages of More! and Sugar and so on. Incidentally, don’t Supergrass sound

just like Supertramp? Or is that the whole point and I’ve just lost the

plot or what?

You’ll be pleased that John Cleese doesn’t make the team sheet for the

new Reebok extravaganza but everyone else does, including Man of the

Year, Jarvis Cocker, and the over-actor’s over-actor, Steven Berkoff.

They all want to be in Ryan Giggs’ boots. Even Quentin Crisp,

apparently. This fast-paced, celeb-laden wish-list is hugely

entertaining but it doesn’t quite disguise the fact that Reebok is still

stuck at the starting line of player endorsement. Adidas has better

heritage and a real product story and Nike, well, Nike continues to set

the agenda in this market. Their latest Cantona spot shows Wieden and

Kennedy at its best. Eric and his soccer star chums have been selected

to play a Satan’s XI. The Forces of Darkness make a promising start

until Maldini robs Moloch just outside the box and sets off a move that

sees Eric flick up his collar and bury a fireball in Beelzebub’s chest.

One nil. Great vision, great skills and fabulous finishing.

The Zeitgeist’s bollocks are in new and capable hands.

Gerry Moira is the executive creative director of Publicis

Thermos UK

Project: Stainless steel flask range

Client: Holly Merrick

Brief: Launch the stainless steel range

Agency: TBWA London

Writer: Trevor Beattie

Art director: Steve Chetham

Photographer: Robin Broadbent

Typographer: Tivy Davies

Exposure: National posters


Project: Rimmel

Client: Ann Hunter, marketing director

Brief: There are no limits

Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO

Writer: David Newton

Art director: Ron Brown

Director: Adrian Moat

Production company: RSA Films

Exposure: National TV


Project: Reebok

Client: Robert Fallows, UK marketing director

Brief: Reebok is for the sportsman in all of us

Agency: Lowe Howard-Spink

Writer: Derek Apps

Art director: Vince Squibb

Director: Tony Kaye

Production company: Tony Kaye Films

Exposure: National TV


Project: Nike

Client: Mike Beckerman, European director of advertising

Brief: Show that Nike supports traditional sporting values

Agency: Wieden and Kennedy

Writer: Glenn Cole

Art director: David Helm

Director: Tarsem

Production company: Spots

Exposure: National TV

After Noah

Project: After Noah

Client: Matthew Crawford, owner

Brief: The alternative furnishing shop

Agency: McCann-Erickson

Writers: Toby Talbot, Justin Rogers

Art director: Jeneal Rohrback

Photographer: Andrew Olney

Typographer: Rob Wallis

Exposure: Regional posters