As far as I’m concerned, if you’ve got something to say, say it.

As far as I’m concerned, if you’ve got something to say, say


Which sounds like the perfect excuse for me not writing a top and tail

to this week’s work and cracking straight into reviewing it. Thankfully,

the first four ads all have something to say and, to a greater or lesser

degree, succeed in getting their messages across.

First up is Del Monte. Now, for the benefit of our younger readers, the

Man from Del Monte was famous for wearing white suits long before John

Travolta was strutting his stuff to the Bee Gees. Now, like Mr Travolta,

he’s back on our screens - albeit looking a good 20 years younger and

flogging fruit juice. This ad borrows the freeze-frame technique first

seen in a Rolling Stones video and since revisited to stunning effect in

The Matrix, and while it communicates the idea well enough - capturing

the moment when the fruit is just right and delivering it direct to the

breakfast table in a carton - it’s a little dull and I wouldn’t want to

sit through it more than once. The Man from Court Burkitt, he say

’’Yes’, but with more reservations than the River Cafe.

Next, we have the Automobile Association. Two car dealers watch an AA

patrolman going beyond the call of duty in taking a broken-down member

to the airport then returning to tow his vehicle home. The dealers

comment on how he wouldn’t last five minutes in their business because

he’s wasting valuable time. We, however, being considerably more

intelligent than the average car dealer, realise that the AA isn’t a

business - it’s the fourth emergency service. Again, I’m not sure how

this one will bear repeated viewing, but it’s well observed and the

acting and dialogue is pitched at just the right level. Clearly written

by a team that can.

I’ve always liked the Orange campaign. I say campaign, because although

every execution is very different, there’s a consistent tone of voice

and they all look stunning. This one is no exception, without being


It’s for a virtual personal assistant called Wildfire with a deeply sexy

female voice who greets friends and tells you who’s calling. The ad

doesn’t tell me everything, but it’s interesting enough to tempt me into

finding out more.

The next tape, labelled McVitie’s Go Ahead!, filled me with dread.

Surely not Mr Motivator prancing around in that lime-green Lycra outfit


But no, it’s a new campaign and it’s really rather good. Nicely written,

acted and directed, it follows the adventures of a police ’snack squad’

thwarted in their attempts to crack down on people stuffing themselves

because Go Ahead! products are virtually fat-free. It’s much better than

it sounds (honestly) and you’re left in no doubt whatsoever about what

they’re trying to say. Well done - big, fat cream cakes all round.

The last two ads also have something to say, but I’m afraid I didn’t

particularly want to listen.

Trebor Softmints starts promisingly enough, with some beautiful images

of a girl blowing bubbles which suddenly shatter like glass. This tells

me Softmints are soft, but hard. So far so good. Unfortunately, the rest

of the vignettes fail to live up to this opening and by the time we see

a man’s spoon bending as he tries to eat his soup and the endline

’Munchy, crunchy, chewy’ appears, I’d completely lost the plot and was

praying for Mr Soft to come back and explain it all to me.

Last up is the Family Planning Association. Too late for me, as I’ve

just become a father (Joshua, Daddy loves you and he’ll change your

nappy just as soon as he’s finished this paragraph). But I digress.

Apparently there’s a new sexually transmitted disease on the block and

it sounds like an exotically named woman. It’s Chlamydia and, according

to the graffiti-style stickers, she’s ’a real bitch’. Not only did these

ads fail to arouse my curiosity, but I’m old enough to remember a far

better graffiti campaign built around a person’s name. How about ’Tell

Sid Chlamydia wants to get in his pants.’ Now there’s a poster.


Project: Chlamydia

Client: Sarah Wootton, director of communications

Brief: Raise awareness of Chlamydia among women aged 18-24

Agency: stretch the horizon

Writer: Robin England

Art director: Claire Donovan

Exposure: National posters


Project: Del Monte

Client: Neil Burchell, market development director

Brief: Raise the saliency of Del Monte as the selectors and preparers of

the best fruit

Agency: Delaney Fletcher Bozell

Writer: Malcolm Green

Art director: Gary Betts

Director: Tim McMillen

Production company: Mad Cow Productions

Exposure: National TV


Project: Trebor Softmints and Softfruits

Client: n/s

Brief: Multi-textural intrigue

Agency: WCRS

Writer: Will Barnett

Art director: Mike Wells

Director: Matt Forrest

Production company: Cowboy Films

Exposure: National TV


Project: Talk Plan Refresh

Client: Sam Bridger, advertising manager

Brief: Communicate that Orange is improving all its Talk Plans

Agency: WCRS

Writer: Simon Aldridge

Art director: Sigi Phyland

Director: Andy Staveley

Production company: a.k.a Pizazz

Exposure: National TV


Project: AA membership

Clients: Peter Tyer, director of personal membership, Bob Sinclair,

group marketing director

Brief: Reinvigorate the fourth emergency service

Agency: HHCL& Partners

Writer: Andrew Lloyd-Jones

Art director: Don Smith

Director: Steve Reeves

Production company: Stark Films

Exposure: National TV


Project: Go Ahead!

Client: Jude Bridge, power brands director

Brief: Clearly position Go Ahead! as the brand that enables people to do

exactly what they enjoy doing - snacking

Agency: Publicis

Writer: Paul Quarry

Art director: Jamie Colonna

Director: David Hartley

Production company: Brave Films

Exposure: National TV

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