Larry Barker: 'Volvo, that's one of your clients isn't it,


Peter Souter: 'Yes ... but ...'

Larry: 'Well this ad is *@*?@!* disgraceful. 'The new Volvo is a whole

new world'?! AMV has built this great brand, ad by ad, year on year.

You've produced some of the best car advertising ever, yet here you

produce such big pants that they even make mine look small!'

Peter: 'But ... we didn't do this one. It was ... you know ... the

foreign lot.'

Larry: 'Oh ... right ... OK ... Well, they should give it back to your

chaps straight away before any more damage is done. Thank God great

brands outlast brand managers.'

Peter: 'Kind of you to say so, Larry. Talking about famous brands, have

you seen this Clarks shoes stuff?'

Larry: 'It's not bad, but not great. Remember those great Clarks ads of

20 years ago?'

Peter: 'Indeed I do, but I doubt you'll remember these new ones for very

long. It's not the creatives' fault. The ideas are strong, but the

thinking behind them is so vapid; it makes the ads forgettable.'

Larry: 'There's a lesson there Peter: think before you speak.'

Peter: 'Too true, Larry, too true.'

Larry: 'The Census 2001 ad isn't bad though. A classic - give it to M&C

- and get the job done. Professional.'

Peter: 'Absolutely. Bish, bash, bosh. Bob's your uncle.'

Larry: 'Pass the print work over.'

Peter: 'This stuff for Some of it's quite funny. But

betting on which granny to kill? That's sick.'

Larry: 'It doesn't deserve being reviewed. Let's move on to these VH1


Peter: 'I like these. A small brief made interesting by some good,

simple ads. It's from that new little agency. Shall we give them a


Larry: 'You mean Malcolm Moore Deakin Blazye?'

Peter: 'That's the one. Now this last commercial for American Airlines.

Hang on, isn't that BMP?'

Larry: 'Er ...'

Peter: 'Well, let me tell you what I really think.'

Larry: 'If you must.'

Peter: 'It's stunningly shot, fantastic music, simple idea and easily

the best thing here.'

Larry: 'You know ... I kind of like you.'

Peter: 'Kiss and make up?'

Larry: 'X X X X X.'

Peter: 'X X X X X O.'

Larry: 'What's wrong?'

Peter: 'You're standing on my toe.'

Census 2001

Project: The 2001 census

Client: The Office of National Statistics/COI Communications

Brief: Raise awareness and encourage participation in the 2001 census

Agency: M&C Saatchi

Writers: Peter Gatley and Tim Harris

Art directors: Peter Gatley and Tim Harris

Director: Mike Stephenson

Production company: Paul Weiland Film Company

Exposure: National TV


Project: VH1's Divas Live

Client: Fiona Battle, brand manager

Brief: Launch Divas Live featuring Aretha Franklin

Agency: Malcolm Moore Deakin Blazye

Writers: Tony Malcolm and Darren Wright

Art directors: Guy Moore and Lucy Collier

Typographer: Neil Craddock

Photographer: Lucy Collier

Exposure: National press and magazines


Project: Clarks shoes

Client: Hugh Croad, adults advertising manager

Brief: Remind people of the exquisite feelings of pleasure and pride

that a new pair of shoes brings

Agency: St Luke's

Writer: Ruth Jackson

Art director: Nick Simons

Director: Mark Denton

Production company: Blink

Exposure: National TV


Project: Volvo S60

Client: Peter Rask, global communication vice-president

Brief: Communicate that Volvo makes safe but exciting and dynamic cars

for a younger more active lifestyle

Agency: MVBMS Fuel Europe (Amsterdam)

Writer: Bruce Gifford

Art director: Sean Robertson

Director: Agust Baldursson

Production company: Headquarters Films

Exposure: National TV


Project: Launch PaddyPower betting website in the UK

Client: Ken Robertson, marketing manager

Brief: Associate PaddyPower with the fun of betting

Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Writer: Jon Fox

Art director: Rik Brown

Typographer: Matthew Kelmsley

Photographer: Dodd Miller

Exposure: National posters

American Airlines

Project: American Airlines

Client: Kim De Paolis, marketing manager Europe

Brief: The airline has taken out 7,000 seats to give passengers more


Agency: BMP DDB

Writer: Clive Pickering

Art director: Neil Dawson

Director: Frederic Planchon

Production company: Academy Productions

Exposure: National TV


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