This is the third time I've been asked to write this column. On

neither previous occasion have I received as many as three excellent

pieces of advertising to review.

Revels. In a very entertaining campaign, the lottery that is which

flavour Revel you'll pull out of the bag has been likened to a game of

Russian Roulette. The idea is great, the casting, acting and direction

superb. I suspect that we'll see less of the longer time length, which

is a shame, and I personally feel the endline is unnecessary, but

congratulations all round, not least to the client many of whose peers

would have played safe and killed this idea at script stage. I bet

Revels sell by the lorry-load.

Royal Marine Commando recruitment. This compelling commercial shows an

exhausted commando on an arduous training exercise having to negotiate a

waterlogged tunnel in full combat gear, something he only just


It then appeals to the elite to apply for the same treatment by advising

the other 99.99 per cent of the target audience that they need not


A courageous strategy again outstandingly executed. It left me gasping

both in admiration and for air. As a parent, I found this commercial chilling and

sickening which is why, as a creative director, I found it quite


As we hear a child's voice innocently telling us about his hobbies and

favourite collections, a camera tracks down a bedroom wall to reveal

that the owner of the voice is not a boy but a man. The message is that

your child could, unwittingly, be communicating with a paedophile on the

internet. The technique has been used before but, to my knowledge, never

so stunningly or with such good reason.

Volkswagen Passat. It seems strange, never mind heretical, not to be

reviewing VW work in glowing terms. But for all the cleverness of some

of the executions, I'm going to be brave and say I think this campaign

is becoming just a little smug in tone.

The campaign for Going Places is unexceptional, three sales messages in

15 seconds being made ever so slightly more bearable by the popular

Ricky Tomlinson.

And the print work for Esporta Health Clubs leaves some interesting

ideas on why you should exercise buried in 12-point type which renders

the other 98 per cent of the double-page spreads totally


Anyone remember the picture of a fat lady on an exercise bike

accompanied by the line "If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit

join our Club"?

Now that was an ad.

Happy New Year.


Project: Child protection on the internet

Client: Deborah Condor, campaign group head

Brief: Raise awareness of the potential dangers of paedophiles using

chatrooms and the net among young teenagers and give them practical

advice on key online safety measures

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Writer: Nigel Roberts

Art director: Paul Belford

Director: Gillian Wearing

Production company: n/a

Exposure: Cinema


Project: Post-Christmas campaign

Client: Tim Marsden, marketing director

Brief: Following 11 September tragedies, motivate holidaymakers to still

book their summer 2000 holiday in the post-Christmas period

Agency: Clear Marketing, Manchester

Writer: Tony Price

Art director: Chris Doyle

Director: Steve Baron

Production company: Spectre

Exposure: National TV


Project: Revels

Client: Ian Ellington, business unit manager

Brief: Remind consumers of the excitement in eating Revels

Agency: D'Arcy

Writers: Matt Wheeler, David Chidlow

Art directors: Matt Wheeler, David Chidlow

Director: Andy Lambert

Production company: Partizan

Exposure: National TV


Project: Royal Marines recruitment

Client: Directorate of naval recruiting

Brief: Improve the quantity and quality of RM recruits

Agency: Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R

Writer: Brian Cooper

Art director: Jason Stewart

Director: Ivan Zacharias

Production company: Stink

Exposure: National cinema


Project: Passat "ice-cream" and "operation"

Client: David George, communications manager - large cars

Brief: You'll be proud to own the Passat W8

Agency: BMP DDB

Writers: Ewan Paterson, Rob Jack

Art directors: Ewan Paterson, Rob Jack

Director: Rocky Morton

Production company: Partizan

Exposure: Terrestrial and satellite TV


Project: Esporta Health Clubs

Client: Mike Berger-North, group marketing manager

Brief: Position Esporta as a family health club where you can re-charge

your emotional batteries

Agency: Bates UK

Writer: Pat Doherty

Art director: Rob Kitchen

Typographer: Trevor Slabber

Photographer: Richard Maxted

Exposure: National press

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