launches premium campaign is set to launch a national online and press campaign designed to drive consumers to its high-end properties.

Luxury launches premium campaign
Luxury launches premium campaign

The campaign, created by Golley Slater, is set to break on Friday 24 October and will direct premium visitors to, which focuses on properties worth more than £500,000.

The specially developed microsite will have a different look and feel to the main propertyfinder site.

The campaign will run across a number of national newspapers, including the Financial Times, The Sunday Times and The Guardian, as well as on websites including Tiscali and Yahoo!.

Each spot features a strapline, written in gold, that promotes the benefits of living in more luxurious properties.

These include "Some simply look for a ‘pad'. Whilst others look for the helicopter variety" and "Sharing the tube is one thing. Sharing a front door is quite another."

Mip Phillips, the executive creative director at Golley Slater Digital, said: "We were looking to create a campaign that would sell in a different way, one that would show propertyfinder in a new light and appeal to a more exclusive set."