Proud2 CEO says venue damaged by closure

The founder of events venue Proud2 says its temporary closure has done "huge damage" to the club.

Proud2 remains closed until 4 Oct
Proud2 remains closed until 4 Oct

Talking to Event, chief executive Alex Proud said it is "absurd" the club has to remain closed for a month pending a licence review.

The venue at London’s O2 – which hosts music, DJ, cabaret and burlesque nights – was closed earlier this month after someone was badly injured.

"Huge damage has been done and it wasn’t needed," said Proud. "The concept that a club which has hosted 300,000 people this year and is overwhelmingly safely is now too dangerous to open for the month while we wait for review is simply undemocratic and absurd."

But he added: "I agree with the review as it is only right when something goes wrong. As it happens I think we did all the right things on the night, but the review is healthy and correct."

All the events at the 3,750-capacity venue have been moved up to 4 October. Proud said that many more after this date have also moved to other venues, as promoters are uncertain about the club’s future.

The licence review hearing will take place on 4 October. Proud said he is confident the venue will then re-open, possibly with some new conditions pertaining to the licence.

Event held its spring edition of the Guide Live at the venue last May.

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