Proximity creates horror story to drive home food poisoning warning

LONDON - Proximity London has created a new campaign for the Food Standard Agency to coincide with the 2008 Food Safety week this week. food poisoning campaign food poisoning campaign

The campaign consisting of posters and leaflets as well as digital banners aims to educate families on the best ways to avoid food poisoning by the four Cs; cooking, cleaning, chilling and avoiding cross-contamination.

James Brandon, the head of marketing at the FSA said: "Although people think they know what they should be doing in the kitchen, there are still around 850,000 cases of food poisoning each year in the UK; and in about 500 cases, people die as a result."

Taking on a 50s horror film theme, the FSA "Germwatch" poster ads gives a fearsome character to germs found in the kitchen, reinforcing the tagline: "Don't make your mealtime a horror story", demonstrating the importance of food safety and hygiene in the home.