Proximity's VW mail targets high earners for Touareg marque

Volkswagen is marking its entry into the luxury car market with a high-value mailing aimed at professionals.

The pack, created by Proximity London and designed to promote the company's new 4x4, the Touareg, will be sent to 150,000 architects, doctors, dentists and 4x4 drivers.

The pack aims to celebrate the Touareg's double life as both a luxury car and an offroad vehicle. The brochure features quality photographs of the car, shot in Scotland by the photographer Stuart Hall, juxtaposed with studio shots. These are encased by an outer pack that recreates the wood interior of the car.

To encourage response, a secondary mini brochure offers recipients entry into a free prize draw, giving them a chance to win a driving day at a custom-designed circuit, with instruction from professional trainers, followed by an overnight stay at the Cowley Manor hotel.

Anthony MacLean, Volkswagen's luxury cars communication manager, said: "The pack brilliantly demonstrates the Touareg's remarkable capabilities in both areas."

The pack was art directed by Paul Iaquaniello and written by Andy Hepburn. Studio photos were by Doug Fisher.