Publicis abandons 'size matters' theme for latest Renault Clio ads

Renault is dropping its familiar "size matters" campaign after

three years in favour of new advertising to launch its revamped Clio

that asks: "Lost your Va Va Voom?"

New commercials breaking nationally this Friday through Publicis are

aimed at getting more men to consider the Clio, which has always been

more popular with women.

"We're targeting men more than women because we want to expand the

model's profile," Gerry Moira, Publicis' creative director, said.

"Traditionally, sales have been 60/40 in favour of women. We'd like it

nearer 50/50."

The pair of new films marks the end of the "size matters" campaign

starring the French actress Helene Mahieu, which debuted in August


They also herald the carmaker's attempt to sustain an ad heritage for

the model that began a decade ago with the Papa and Nicole


The new advertising coincides with a makeover for the Clio, launched

into the UK ten years ago to challenge the dominance of the Ford Fiesta

and the Volkswagen Polo.

The car has been restyled and incorporates new equipment including

automatic climate control and a satellite navigation screen.

The new ads promote the Clio as the answer for people who lapse into

embarrassing moments. In one film a victim catches himself in discussion

with his novelty oven glove. Another fails to make a duvet cover fit a


The commercials were written and art directed by Paul Quarry and Jamie

Colonna, and Andy Jones and Scott Sparks, and directed by Mark Denton

for Blink Productions. Media is by Carat.