Publicis launches effectiveness offshoot

The Publicis group is launching a new company to boost the

effectiveness of clients' ad budgets by checking if their money is being

spent in the right way and through the right channels.

Dataworks Analytics opens on Monday and is a joint venture between

Publicis Dialog, the group's below-the-line specialist, and Optimedia,

its media independent.

The fledgling operation claims that, with its combination of econometric

modelling and direct marketing disciplines, it can help clients to

better understand their customers' behaviour and deliver strategic

insights that existing techniques cannot provide.

Richard Hytner, the Publicis chairman, said: "We don't know of any other

agency group offering this kind of combination."

Dataworks Analysis will start with an assignment for MFI, the furniture

retailer and an existing Publicis client, although the aim is to look

for business beyond the group's current client list.

Hytner denied the launch was a reaction to incursions by management

consultants into agency territory. "This is not a defensive measure but

an aggressive one," he said.

The new company will be run jointly by its newly recruited managing

partners, Sam Dias and David Pihlens.

Dias was recruited from Brand Finance, where his clients included

Barclaycard, Microsoft and Shell. He previously worked at BMP DDB where

he was a five-star winner in the IPA Advertising Effectiveness


Pihlens, who has worked in customer relationship marketing and database

development, was previously with Publicis Dialog.