Publicis Modem restructures its senior management team

Publicis Modem has restructured its senior management team by promoting Sebastian Dreyfus to chief executive, Neal Hendey to managing director and Tony Effick to chief strategy officer.

Tom Poyntor and Sebastian Dreyfus...moving
Tom Poyntor and Sebastian Dreyfus...moving

At the same time, Tom Poynter, who was joint managing director with Dreyfus, has left the agency to become a director at LBi.

Previously, Hendey was the head of project management and Effick was the head of planning.

Nigel Jones, the chairman and chief executive of Publicis Group UK, said: "Publicis Modem is growing rapidly and a key reason is the talent we have here.

"These promotions reward this talent and put in place a management structure that can maintain the growth while also ensuring our product quality, client service and strategic thinking are enhanced."