Publicis resurrects Cadbury's Flake girl

LONDON - Rain drops falling upwards and water droplets running backwards across sensual shots of calves, a cleavage and a pair of uncovered thighs - all backed by a re-working of a familiar tune - is the beginning of a modern re-working of a classic ad.

Publicis resurrects Cadbury's Flake girl

Following Mother's move to bring back Al and Monkey, Publicis has reintroduced the Flake Girl, one of Britain’s best remembered ladies of advertising, who was much sexier and less annoying than both Beattie and Prunella Scales.

This time the actress is a fair skinned lithe Australian red head, called Alyssa Sutherland, who is eating a flake in a convertible car as she gets soaked in rain. As she sensually munches her chocolaty treat flakes of chocolate fall upwards into her mouth.

As the backwards spot continues the rain stops and the sun comes out basking the lady in a warm glow.
The idea behind the execution is to show that eating a Flake is such a pleasurable experience that even a passing shower cannot interrupt the shear joy of the crumbly chocolate.

Project name: Flake 'Summer Rain'
Client: Cadbury
Brief to: reinvent the Flake girl for the 21st Century
Creative agency: Publicis
Copywriter: Lauren Bensted
Art director: Poppy Willcox
Planner (creative agency): Wendy Lanchin
Media agency: Starcom
Planner (media agency): Aimi Mackay
Director: Jake Scott
Production company: RSA
Editor: Jim Weedon
Post-production companies: MPC
Audio post-production company: Wave
Exposure: National TV & Cinema