Punter Appeal - Mother London

The agency's TV ads for other brands fail to capture the public's heart like its PG Tips spot.

Mother's inaugural spot for HTC, "soundwave", which featured a girl who had the ability to make everything she came into contact with pulsate and vibrate to the rhythm of the ad's soundtrack, failed to set hearts aflutter, coming bottom of the latest Punter Appeal survey with an average score of 4.93. It was bottom in two of the three categories rated - a disappointment for Mother's first work.

On the opposite end of the scale, the agency's long-running campaign for PG Tips, showing the funnyman from early noughties TV shows Johnny Vegas play out a relationship with the ITV Digital Monkey, continues to be a hit. This spot, called "ahhh" and featuring the rain-soaked duo arriving home with their shopping before making a cuppa, scored top of the table in all three categories of the survey: how impressed the public are by the ad, how much the spot makes them like the brand and how likely they are to share the ad with others.

The Match.com "ukulele" spot also scored highly among the 2,000 members of the public who rated ten of the agency's ads. Interestingly, it made the greatest impact on the over-55s, with an average score of 6.66, while 25- to 34-year-olds were the least impressed, giving the spot an average of 5.77. This age group also gave the lowest score in the category of how much the ad makes them like the brand. Appealing to the grey market is an unlikely consequence of the ad.

Boots' Christmas spot scored highly, with an average score of 5.57. It rated well for likeability and - no surprises here - was more popular with women than men. In this instance, the targeting is commendably spot on. Its "ta dah!" spot for the No7 brand scored less highly, however, and was near the foot of the rankings table.

Mother's two executions for Moneysupermarket.com divided opinion in the highly competitive online insurance broker market. "Surf" was considerably more popular in the poll than "Vegas", with the former obtaining an average score of 5.35 and the latter just 4.94. Punters rated the "surf" spot more highly in all three categories featured in the survey compared with the "Vegas" ad.

How Mother Lodnon scored:

PG Tips - Ahhh - 6.04
Match.com - Ukulele -  5.68
Boots - Christmas brought to you by the girls - 5.57
Moneysupermarket.com - Surf - 5.35
Stella Artois - Train - 5.33
Ireland - Film - 5.20
Pot Noodle - WAG - 5.04
Boots No7 - Ta dah! - 5.01
Moneysupermarket.com - Vegas -  4.94
HT-C - Soundwave  4.93

Source: OnePoll Research. Sample: 2,000 people (1,037 female, 963 male).