Qflicks enters the online DVD rental service market

LONDON - Qflicks, a new online DVD rental company, is launching with what it claims is the largest DVD collection in Europe with easy access to foreign and indie movies.

Qflicks says it has a lead over its rivals with what it claims is the most personalised service on the market.

Qflicks' technology combines an individual's rental history and movie ratings in order to recommend additional DVDs that suit their tastes. The technology enables each subscriber to develop a personalised queue of DVDs they want to rent.

Qflicks' proposition is based on the popular and proven business model developed by US company, Netflix, which has enjoyed much success across the Atlantic.

Mike Sharpe and Roy Gunter, the founders of Qflicks, have between them a record in business development for companies including Nokia and E-pay.

The launch of Qflicks follows that of Screenselect.co.uk, which was started by Simon Murdoch, who launched Amazon in the UK. With no late fees, users are allowed a revolving library of three DVDs that are delivered through the post.

Qflicks says its service breaks from the traditional DVD rental model. Rather than paying for each DVD, Qflicks is subscription-based, with prices starting at just £2.50 a week, and DVDs are chosen online.

The Qflicks subscriber can expect unlimited DVDs, which can be kept indefinitely with no late fees, a return envelope with all DVD rentals and postage paid both ways, and more DVDs sent out on a rolling basis the day that previous rentals are returned.

Mike Sharpe, managing director of Qflicks, said: "The online DVD rental market in the UK and the rest of Europe is there for the taking. Our business model is sound and we are entering as the most competitive company on the market. We offer more DVDs than anybody else and unbeatable technology to make the whole experience more personal to every user."

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