R/GA predicts next generation of AI and brand expression

The agency discussed technology's role in company innovation at SXSW this week.

R/GA predicts next generation of AI and brand expression

The next chapter of consumer engagement transformation is here, and it’s taking place at the intersection of AI technology and brand expression.

"It’s not enough for brands to just be available online," said Michael Morowitz, executive technology director at R/GA Chicago and brand AI co-head during a talk at at SXSW in Austin, Texas, on Wednesday.

"They have to create intelligent channels backed by AI tech, infused with context and data, and augmented by business services."

Morowitz is part of the team behind The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas’ Rose chatbot.

The AI platform offers guests tips on what to do in the hotel and city. Designers created more than 1,000 conversations threats to offer customers ways to book experiences such as restaurant reservations, spa treatments and even spontaneous adventures like self-guided art tours.

To help drive guests to bars and clubs, Rose gives them insider information, like secret menu items, and offers to help increase spend on the property.

The platform was created with a playful personality that has successfully wooed customers who booked direct into spending 37 percent more than guests who do not engage with her.

But in many regards, this is just the beginning for Rose.

Tom Evans, CMO of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, said that "the focus up until now has been to make Rose everyone’s host. The goal going forward is to keep her the expert at service."

Speaking to the future of AI platforms, Matt Marcus, SVP, executive creative director at R/GA Chicago and brand AI co-head, said: "Productiveness and the level of prediction into the next generation is phenomenal, and when the tools are able to speak to one another, that will be really fantastic.

"We see the use of AI expanding, we see opportunities with all businesses and especially with loyalty programs."

Justina Nguyen, senior developer evangelist at Dashbot, added: "In an era of web, mobile and bots, it’s about offering a bot experience that’s memorable."