RAB survey reveals impact of medium on 16 FMCG brands

The Radio Advertising Bureau has teamed up with the customer marketing consultancy Dunnhumby to measure the impact of radio advertising on sales.

The findings, due to be unveiled next Wednesday, analyse the impact of historical FMCG radio advertising on sales of 16 products registered with Dunnhumby's Tesco Clubcard database.

Although the tests have not been finalised, the initial results show that the impact of radio on sales figures ranges from 0-27 per cent growth.

The RAB has used test and control regions - those that did and did not have radio advertising - to isolate the impact that radio has on the sales levels of household brands from the food, cleaning, beverages and personal hygiene sectors.

The research is part of a bigger RAB project that will produce a sales index for radio advertising.

This is designed to let advertisers know what effect they could expect on sales through spending advertising budget on radio.

The RAB is also undertaking an assessment of how radio works alongside in-store promotions and how to best use the various types of radio ads to drive sales.