RAB's Sampson set to take on ITV Sales marketing position

Justin Sampson, the managing director of the Radio Advertising Bureau, is filling the final senior management position at ITV Sales following his appointment as the customer relationship marketing director.

He triumphed against stiff competition, particularly from senior Granada Enterprises staff who had failed to find other positions within the new organisation. However, it was always likely that the position would go to an outsider as the managing director of ITV Sales, Graham Duff, has sought to impose his own mark on the new organisation.

Sampson's appointment has been welcomed by media agencies as indicative of Duff's desires to make ITV more advertiser-friendly and lose its reputation as arrogant. Sampson, 37, is credited with doing an excellent job in selling radio to advertisers during his 12-year tenure at the RAB.

As well as business-to-business and trade marketing, Sampson will be responsible for appointing and managing the client sales teams at ITV.

"He will ensure that customer-centricity flows across the company, from the sales assistants reading spot moves upwards," Duff said.