Radiocentre demystifies music's effectiveness in ads with scientific research

Radiocentre, the trade body for commercial radio, has launched a tool for brands and agencies that explores how music can be linked to brands more strategically.

RadioCentre: music should be used 'strategically' in radio ads
RadioCentre: music should be used 'strategically' in radio ads

The Brand Music Navigator aims to improve on a shortage of evidence about the effectiveness of music in brand communication, which Radiocentre said is acknowledged but not fully understood by advertisers.

The tool is designed to provide a common language for objective music selection and to help in a campaign, as early as in the briefing stage.

The launch comes alongside Radiocentre's new research, Strike a Chord, was released yesterday and explores how music enhances brand communication.

The research said music is often "neglected as a strategic brand tool and only considered as an afterthought at the execution stage of the creative advertising process".

Mark Barber, the planning director at Radiocentre, said: "In the same way you’d think very carefully about not using images in a TV commercial, this research suggests that using music strategically should also be a default setting for radio advertisers.

"Those that use music in this way enjoy greater audience engagement and healthier results – and are better placed to take advantage of radio’s renowned multiplier effect."

Radiocentre developed the research alongside research agency Push London, neuroscience specialists at Goldsmith University, and semiotic specialists.