Radioville tops creative effectiveness rankings with Autoglass

RadioVille, the specialist radio creative agency, made the most creative ad tested by the Radio Advertising Bureau in the second quarter of 2011 as part of its work for window glass repairer Autoglass.


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Autoglass tops RadioGauge rankings
Autoglass tops RadioGauge rankings

The ad for Autoglass beat 38 other ads to come top of the RAB rankings with an ad narrated by real life technician Ian which conveyed the brand's key messaging in an environment where listeners are receptive and have faith in what they are hearing, accordig to the RAB.

Every month the RAB's RadioGauge test asks a group of commercial radio listeners and a group of non-commercial radio listeners to score around 10 ads against the RAB’s 5Is framework (Involvement, Identity, Impression, Information and Integration).

RadioGauge is free to advertisers and agencies and is funded by the commercial radio industry. The research launched in January 2008 and between then and the end of June this year 463 campaigns have been measured.

Autoglass moved up the rankings from third place in the first quarter of 2011, while the second quarter’s second most creatively effective ad was one for Compare the Market by VCCP, which was fourth in the first three months of 2011.

RadioGauge is available to both national and regional brands and their agencies for campaigns worth more than £350,000 and £40,000 respectively.

Mark Barber, planning director of the RAB, said: "Whilst RadioGauge continues to demonstrate the impact of radio within the media mix for individual advertisers, it  is also yielding valuable learning about the importance of individual creative features in optimising radio creative effectiveness.

"The latest analysis, in particular the success of  Autoglass and Comparethemarket, demonstrates the enduring power of consistent audio cues such as music and voices, either across radio executions or linked with TV, in delivering campaign success."

Although the RAB discloses the results for creative effectiveness on a quarterly basis, brand effectiveness outcomes remain confidential and creative measures are not representative of the relative effectiveness performance of the individual campaigns.

The RadoGauge top 10 performing adverts as described by RadioGauge executive Mike Tull:

10.    Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles by Iris with media by MediaCom            

Now I can’t be the only one who has been stuck in the traffic on the motorway, looked out of the window and clocked a van driver tapping his fingers against the steering wheel and singing his heart out to the radio. Volkswagen has harnessed their target audience’s fondness of a sing-a-long to suitably celebrate their landmark birthday.

9.    Plusnet by Karmarama with media by Maxus        

Plusnet continue to develop their sonic identity successfully on radio through the consistent use of a voice and are now introducing character interaction (and just the right amount of humour) into the mix. It’s unashamedly Yorkshire and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

8.    Xbox Kinect by McCann Erikson with media by UM London         

The ability to encapsulate everything your product is about and stands for in an ad isn’t always an easy job. But Xbox Kinect manages to achieve this with a simple, upbeat and modern sounding construct providing the best framework to clearly land messages about the Kinect gaming experience. 

7.     Army Recruitment by Publicis with media by M4C 

"Be the best". Well the Army Recruitment campaign definitely tries to live up to their strapline by taking you away from wherever you are and transporting you straight into the middle of a warzone. An immersive experience that then brings you right back to reality with the realisation that they’re talking directly to you – the listener. A powerful creative approach that doesn’t shy away from the reality of what it’s advertising.

6.     Next made in house with media by MEC        

Sometimes we just want our life to be made that little bit easier and it’s this yearning that Next have targeted with their ‘order before 9pm for next day delivery’ campaign. The combination of lively music (courtesy of Vampire Weekend) and utilising the appeal of Claudia Winkleman to their core female audience ensured that radio worked well for Next as part of an integrated campaign with TV.

5.    Morrisons by DKLW Lowe with media by MEC            

As you may have heard the RAB’s latest research, Media & Mood of the Nation, demonstrates that radio has a hugely positive influence on happiness and energy levels (and more so than TV and Online). It’s this ability to tap into an emotional connection with the listener that Morrisons have used to their advantage with their ‘Fuel Brittania’ campaign. By connecting with listeners over their frustration with rising fuel costs they provide an emotional link that provides a platform for them to communicate their promotional messaging in the most effective manner.

4.    Asda by Saatchi & Saatchi with media by Carat

Information. It’s one of the 5Is of creativity we measure on RadioGauge and for campaigns like this one from ASDA featuring their Price Guarantee, it’s an important area to perform on. ASDA excelled not only on Information but thanks to a positive and clear proposition with brand-linked properties (the consistent music and voice across radio and TV) they performed strongly across all of the 5Is.

3.     Cancer Research UK by The Good Agency with media by MediaCom

When we’re listening to our favourite radio stations and DJs we feel like we’re part of a wider community of listeners who share interests, music tastes and connect through the content of our favourite shows. It’s this sense of togetherness that Cancer Research UK have tapped in to and ensured their creative execution for ‘Race For Life’ appealed to both the broad and their targeted female audience.  

2.    Compare The Market by VCCO with media by Zenith    

The Meerkat is back! Creating a brand character that has long-term appeal to listeners is a difficult task to achieve. Compare The Market has successfully established Aleksandr and have spent 2011 utilising radio alongside other media to build up the Meerkovo village proposition. Proof that getting it right when it comes to creating your brand ambassador can lead to continued, long-term creative success.

1.     Autoglass by Radioville with media by Starcom

Does somebody want to break the news to Gavin? For a change, it’s the voice of Autoglass technician Ian (and not Mr Jenks) that sees Autoglass nab the top spot in Q2. By using a portfolio of voices of their real technicians, Autoglass have built up a positive and reliable image of both their brand and their people on air. Making use of radio’s strength at forming a bond of trust with its listeners Autoglass have been able to communicate their key messaging in an environment where listeners are both receptive and have faith in what they’re hearing.