RAF Benevolent Fund achieves strong return on recruitment drive

LONDON - The RAF Benevolent Fund has achieved a response rate of 1.6% to its supporter recruitment direct mail campaign, well in excess of its initial targets.

The campaign was planned and devised by incumbent agency Burnett Works and marked the first recruitment mailing undertaken by the charity for nearly 10 years.

Without any recent experience to draw on, two creative routes were tested with a view to establishing a new first-choice pack.

Both ideas were designed to target people with an RAF connection or experience and were sent out to a combined audience of 60,000 recipients.

In addition to the new supporter base, the mailings have generated new messages and stories which give further insight into the nature of the RAF Benevolent Fund supporters. They will also be used in celebrating the RAF's 90th anniversary this year and the Benevolent Fund's own 90th anniversary in 2009.

Other recruitment activity currently includes press inserts and face-to-face activity at air shows.

Louise Gibson, head of relationship marketing at the RAF Benevolent Fund, said: "Burnett Works paid very close attention to our audience motivations in developing messaging for the two packs. Both were very simple and honest in tone and we used colours and imagery strongly associated with RAF.

"Whilst both treatments exceeded their target response rates, there was a clear winner in the 'once RAF, always RAFBF' concept which will now become our banker recruitment mailing."