RAF recruitment campaign for regulars and reservists takes off

The Royal Air Force has launched a national recruitment campaign that targets both full-time regulars and spare-time reservists for the first time.

RAF: latest recrutiment campaign targets both regulars and reservists
RAF: latest recrutiment campaign targets both regulars and reservists

The multi-channel campaign, created by WCRS, will run across TV, radio, social media and online display advertising.

It consists of 20-second and 30-second ads that show how the RAF’s response in a humanitarian crisis requires people working in many different roles including engineers, cooks and medics. The spot, called "as one", shows that both full-time employees and part-time volunteers have an important role to play in a crisis response.

It was directed by Kit Lynch-Robinson and created by Andy Lee and Jonny Porthouse.

It is the first time that one campaign will target both regulars and reservists – previously they were targeted with separate campaigns.

WCRS has created a website that will act as a single recruitment hub.. All the ads will send people to the hub for more information.

Later this year, the site will host an interactive "mission experience", which will give potential recruits the opportunity to experience being part of a humanitarian aid mission with the RAF.

RAF group captain Catherine Coton said: "The new RAF recruiting campaign is much more interactive and 21st Century. WCRS has managed to bring the RAF to life and made it more attainable to potential candidates."

Ross Neil, the joint executive creative director at WCRS, said: "This campaign shines a light on the rich world of the RAF and the multitude of roles within it. This work is just the tip of the iceberg of a deeper narrative that flexes the boundaries between traditional media and an interactive piece, which will follow later this year."

The communications strategy and media planning for the campaign was developed by MEC, who won the combined Royal Navy and RAF strategic communications and planning account in March.

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