Rainey Kelly ad backs Emap’s Just 17 revamp

Emap Elan is reinventing Just 17, its struggling weekly magazine for teenage girls, as a glossy monthly title.

Emap Elan is reinventing Just 17, its struggling weekly magazine

for teenage girls, as a glossy monthly title.

The magazine, which takes the name J-17 as part of its image revamp,

will be relaunched next week with a new campaign through Rainey Kelly

Campbell Roalfe.

The new title aims to ’outgloss’ competitors such as Attic Futura’s

Sugar in the young women’s sector. Emap is aiming for a circulation of

200,000 for the new title.

In its old guise, Just 17 suffered a 30 per cent circulation decline

between July and December 1995 and the same six-month period in 1996,

when it sold an average of 130,000 copies, according to the Audit Bureau

of Circulations. By contrast, Sugar sold an average 457,000, up 44 per

cent year on year.

J-17 will be aimed at 14- to 17-year-old girls and will appear in its

monthly format on 2 April. Its monthly cover price rises to pounds 1.85

from the weekly price of 85p. Emap Elan’s publishing director, Louise

Matthews, said: ’This is about giving readers what they want. Just 17

was too disposable in a market driven by gloss and glamour.’

Rainey Kelly’s 30-second commercial, which breaks on 1 April, seeks to

communicate the fact that J-17 has undergone a dramatic transformation,

while still embodying the traditional values of the magazine.

The scene opens on a young girl lying on her bed in a glamorous, purple

bedroom. She is wearing glasses and reading a copy of the old-style Just


Suddenly she looks up at a skylight in the ceiling where a bright star

has appeared. The room gradually fills with light as the astonished girl


The scene cuts to a futuristic setting, with the girl lying on a table

surrounded by a host of alien creatures. The voiceover says: ’Just 17

has undergone an unbelievable transformation - more glamour, more gloss,

more gossip ...’

The film cuts back to the girl’s bedroom where she has been


The glasses have gone and her clothes are more glamorous. The girl is

now reading the new-look magazine - and is holding it with two pairs of


The voiceover concludes: ’... which makes J-17 even more of a


The commercial was written by Richard Beesening and art directed by Andy

Blood, the team responsible for the Virgin Airlines ’Grim Reaper’


It was directed by Paul Gay at Outsider.