Rajar testing rejects electronic systems to monitor listeners

Rajar, the radio industry audience measurement system, has rejected the electronic measurement system favoured by its critic Kelvin MacKenzie.

MacKenzie, the chief executive of the talkSPORT owner, The Wireless Group, has introduced the Radiocontrol wristwatch measurement system, but Rajar has rejected this and the alternative Arbitron People Meter system after 15 months of testing.

Rajar has raised concerns over the consistency in results of both systems and has asked the manufacturers to work on modifications before it will reconsider replacing its diary system.

MacKenzie reacted angrily, describing Rajar's decision as "disgraceful, made by vested interests behind closed doors".

He added: "I am considering a lawsuit against Rajar. After 15 months, the industry that prides itself in technology simply says 'no' to electronic measurement."

Jane O'Hara, the managing director of Rajar, said: "The decision is wholly based on the findings of Rajar's detailed tests, which have shown that neither electronic device, in its current form, is capable of delivering a measurement system for the UK that would reach Rajar's gold standard."