Ramp to create UGC site for launch of Fox's 'The Fountain'

LONDON - Content and research agency Ramp Industry is to create a user-generated content site for Twentieth Century Fox to back the launch of the Darren Aronofsky film 'The Fountain'.

The site allows users to download audio parts from Clint Mansell's soundtrack to the film, then to upload their own remixes made from the multitracks.

Users can also download trailers and images from the film to create visual work to run alongside their remixes. Users can then comment on each others' work.

In addition, there's a blog, on which Clint Mansell, formerly of Pop Will Eat Itself, and other contributors will discuss the content, plus the core themes of the film, which is directed by 'Pi' and 'Requiem For a Dream' helmer Aronofsky.

The film, which stars Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz, spans over one thousand years, and tells three parallel stories as one man struggles to save the woman he loves. It begins in the 16th century with conquistador Tomas (Jackman) searching for the fountain of youth; next he is a scientist searching for a cure for cancer that is killing his wife; and finally he is a 26th century astronaut and explorer.

Andy Crysell, managing partner of Ramp Industry, said: "'The Fountain' has really profound themes running through it, concerning life, love, death and rebirth. Twentieth Century Fox were keen to engage with the film's audience and to start conversations and creativity around these themes.

"Combining the platform for users to rework content from the film with a blog featuring comment from Clint Mansell and others makes for a really powerful combination; a highly tangible deployment of user generated content and the perfect route to building a digital community."

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