Ramsay brand unaffected by affair allegations

Gordon Ramsay's commercial prospects are likely not be affected by recent allegations that the chef has been cheating on his wife according to members of the public interviewed in the latest Brand Republic video -- watch it now.

Following allegations that the celebrity chef has been having a seven-year affair with "professional mistress" Sarah Symonds, Brand Republic took to the streets to find out whether it has changed the public's opinion of him and if it would put them off his mini-empire, which spans books, restaurants and TV shows.

The public's opinion of him varied from "really awesome" to "repulsive" but most agreed that the affair wouldn't change how they felt about his professional life and wouldn't affect their decision to buy his products, claiming what he does in his private life is up to him.

Symonds alleged that she had slept with Ramsay on at least seven occasions since meeting in a London nightclub in 2001.

She has also claimed that Ramsay cheated with a second lover and a woman he met through his 'Hell's Kitchen USA' TV show.

Last year Symonds, who previously had an affair with former Conservative MP Jeffrey Archer, published a book called 'Having An Affair? A Handbook for the Other Woman', based on her own experiences as a lover of married men.