Rapier to use media limitations theme in ads for AA car loans

Rapier has created a campaign for the AA that plays with the conventions of different media to target people with its car loan product.

The AA is aiming to target drivers on the road, en route to and in showrooms with the message that its product is an alternative to those offered by banks or by local car dealers.

Rapier has created a 48- and 96-sheet poster campaign that will run across 900 sites during June. The creative message is underpinned by the media strategy, developed by Manning Gottlieb OMD - the poster appears to have been stretched to fit the line: "I can't stretch to a new car, can I?"

The agency has also created a London radio and tube panel campaign that plays with ideas of creative within each medium. The radio campaign creative is about the AA's value car loans and pokes fun at the traditional terms and conditions that have to appear in radio ads. The tube creative deals with the experience of tube travel.

The ads were art directed by Deb James and written by Chris Lapham. Media buying is also through Manning Gottlieb OMD.