Reach 10.1m young adults on entertainment sites

W00t! Media brings you this digital opportunity to reach young, passionate consumers of entertainment and lifestyle content through engaging video takeovers.

Reach 10.1m young adults on entertainment sites

The video takeover is a fantastic way to reach 15-34 year olds online with branding messages in an unavoidable, yet complimentary ad format. It combines the huge impact of a site takeover with the power of video advertising.

W00t! Media represents a collective of fantastic digital publishers including Drowned in Sound, Pitchfork, Sabotage Times, Londonist, Complex Media, SPIN Media, The Hype Machine, The Verge, Polygon and many others. The video takeover ad format delivers massive brand impact when the audience is most receptive, relaxed and ready to have fun.

Every user sees the non-interruptive video wall silent teaser at least once and can then choose to watch the full clip. On average 76% of users that engage watch 3/4 or more of the full content.

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