And in the real world... Carphone Warehouse, US Army and more

LONDON - Today's round-up of the biggest business stories.

The World...latest business news
The World...latest business news

The Carphone Warehouse Group has become the second-biggest broadband provider in the UK following its acquisition of the UK assets of the Italian internet company Tiscali for £236 million ($354 million).

Source: The Wall Street Journal

The US Army is using iPhones in Iraq and Afganistan to help soldiers communicate to locals through symbols and words to assess whether a person is a threat.

Source: The Independent

Centrica has bought a 20 per cent stake in the nuclear power company British Energy from EDF for about £2.25 billion.

Source: The Guardian

An independent pensions consultant has warned that the Royal Mail’s pensions deal will cost the taxpayer double the current government estimates of £6 billion, as it looks to secure a deal with TNT to buy a stake in the national postal company.

Source: The Daily Telegraph

Service sector companies in Europe and emerging markets have reported signs of recovery in recession, with most companies expecting business and revenue to grow in 2009.

Source: Financial Times

McDonald’s aims to offer a PhD to dispel the assumption that it only offers low-paid and low quality jobs.

Source: Financial Times

BT will cut its dividend for the first time in seven years as the company’s chief executive, Ian Livingston, will announce plans on Thursday to revive BT Global Services.

Source: Financial Times

Rexam plans to push aluminium ring-pull cans as the new packaging for wine at this week’s London International Wine Fair.

Source: Financial Times