Recommendation Engine: Base Design's Jake Post

This director of operations is opting for podcasts and magazines over books these days and can easily become jealous of photographers' Instagram feeds.

Recommendation Engine: Base Design's Jake Post

The Recommendation Engine is Campaign US' weekly feature in which we learn about the media young people in the ad industry are currently consuming. This week, we get to know Jake Post, a director of operations at New York-based branding studio Base Design.

What I'm watching
My wife and I fell a few seasons behind on "Homeland" and had a lot of fun binge-watching to catch up via Showtime’s app on Apple TV. Now, waiting for a new episode every week is not my speed and testing my patience. I’m all about the binge-watching (especially during the winter months). 

I’d also be insincere if I failed to mention that I consume a lot of live sports TV (PGA, NFL and NBA mostly) and was very impressed by the viewing experience The Masters provided through their Apple TV app. The vast array of options provided to viewers seems to be the future of live sports broadcasting.

What I'm listening to
During my commute, I listen to podcasts. I’ve listened to the "StartUp" podcast (Gimlet Media) from its start and have found everything the Gimlet Media team has produced to be compelling. While I’ve never worked at a start-up, I’ve always enjoyed working for relatively small companies and find many of the "StartUp" stories relatable. 

When I’m at my desk and uninterrupted by meetings, I’ll put on Bose headphones and listen to music while responding to emails, writing proposals, etc. My musical taste is quite diverse and fully depends on my vibes on that day. Architects, Chris Stapleton, Kendrick Lamar, Darkside are a few of my favorites these days.

What I'm reading
I’m more of a magazine than a book reader these days. I blame this on podcast consumption, which now takes up a lot of the time I used to spend reading books.

My regular reads include Bloomberg Business Week, Fast Company and Inc. They help me relate to my clients at Base.

Who I'm following
Photographers' feeds can be beautiful. Some of my favorites include friends and people that we have worked with at Base: @sacha_maric, @a_gaut and @dltxii. Most of the time, they make me jealous of all the traveling that they get to do.

so happy to be able to share images from a shoot last month at #gibbsfarm in New Zealand for @wsjmag check bio for link to story. print edition out June 2. pictured here is a piece by #kennethsnelson at sunrise

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What I'm ignoring
The news. It depresses me. I leave it to the rest of the studio to fill me in on anything important.