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Recruitment agency in the spotlight: Career Moves Group

We spoke to Kelly Howe from Career Moves Group to gain some insight into the latest digital marketing career trends.

Kelly Howe
Kelly Howe

Career Moves PR & Marketing is an award-winning recruitment consultancy that matches talented individuals with PR, marketing, digital and broadcast roles within the UK’s leading brands. Over the last few years the team has won top industry awards - setting the agency apart in the recruitment industry.

Howe tells us about her career success and offers her advice to digital marketing professionals, from focusing on revenue to being a continuous learner.

How did you land your current role?

I started at Career Moves as a recruiter and worked my way up. I now head up the PR, marketing, digital and broadcast divisions. My journey has been exciting and provided me with lots of unique and diverse opportunities.

I recently won a MARA award for the best client-side recruitment. Working as a trusted recruitment partner I ran a unique and high-profile project with one of the UK’s most well-known and loved charities. Managing all internal and external recruitment for two high-profile senior positions; I produced an interview competency framework, resourced and headhunted senior external candidates, managed all applications from internal candidates, conducted first stage interviews and ultimately provided a detailed shortlist. Both positions were successfully filled.

As a result, I’m going back in-house to discuss with them a managed agency approach to their contingent workforce. It’s working on diverse projects like these that makes me love what I do.

How does Career Moves stand out against the competition?

By getting to know a client’s business, what they do, what they stand for and who they want to work with, we can tailor our services to suit their needs and objectives. This enables us to build and nurture meaningful relationships, which keep clients coming back to work with us time and time again. 

A large proportion of our new business is the result of client and candidate referrals, which speaks volumes about the strength of the relationships we’re building here. We also act as preferred supplier to a number of large global brands.

Most of the team have direct experience in the industries they recruit within, either through working in the sector previously or graduating with a relevant degree such as broadcast journalism. This really helps us comprehend a client/candidate’s specific needs.

What career challenges are marketing professionals facing?

We are living in an increasingly digital world, in which marketing professionals are frequently called upon to ensure their skills are evolving with the industry and relevant to the current market.

One of the key tools companies are looking for today is data analytics. They want their marketing teams to be able to form analysis of their social media and digital channels to put together more informed marketing campaigns for their brand and business.

It is essential that marketers are able to appreciate the work of others in an organisation, as well as their own.

Another key challenge is the rise of cybercrime. In a consumer-centric world, marketers increasingly have to ensure that user experience is accommodating and intuitive, whilst still allowing users to feel secure.

What are some of the most exciting roles you recruit for?

Anything from a head of production or global brand partner through to digital news project managers. We’re also seeing new roles emerge, with responsibilities that weren’t so prevalent in the industry a decade ago: Customer experience manager, chief marketing technologist, influence marketing manager, data security analyst.

And what skills are in highest demand?

Among the top skills in demand at present would be: data analytics, SEO, PPC, growth, hacking, content management, inbound marketing, automation and video.

What changes do you anticipate in the digital marketing industry in the next year?

Technological progress will occur at such a pace that most brands will be unable to respond accordingly. Relationship marketing will remain key to enabling the formation of meaningful connections with consumers. Marketing automation, location-based marketing, ephemeral marketing, behaviour-driven data and personalisation will all become increasingly significant elements of a marketer’s understanding. Search capabilities within social media (and the internet at large) will improve, presenting vast opportunities for marketers to leverage.

What advice would you give to people looking to embark on a career in marketing / digital?

To succeed in this industry, you need to possess a natural curiosity and be willing to question if the current way is indeed the best. You should also be prepared to tackle complex problems: this is the most direct way to progress individually and as a business. If you’re making progress then you’re succeeding, regardless of the speed of that progress. Be proactive and show initiative, contribute ideas relevant to your client, your candidate or the company you work for. This will create new opportunities and increase the reach of your network.

Finally, if you continue to view everything that you’re learning through the lens of increasing revenue and/or profits, then you’ll always be a successful digital marketer. Value added is the quantifiable proof that you’re making a difference.

What is the future outlook for digital marketing careers?

The future is bright for those who are keen to succeed in the digital marketing industry. A diverse skillset is the key to staying ahead and you must be willing to adapt to change and continuously learn in order to remain attractive to top employers.

It’s a really exciting time to be in the digital marketing industry and if you have a passion and drive for this field or need some support with recruitment then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Contact Kelly Howe on 020 7758 4303 or email to discuss your career / recruitment needs.

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