The Red Brick Road wins Heineken

Sir Frank Lowe's ties with Charlene de Carvalho, the daughter of the former Heineken boss Freddie Heineken, have paid dividends. This week, the brewing giant confirmed that Sir Frank's agency, The Red Brick Road, has been awarded the £40 million global Heineken creative account.

The win comes after seven months of talks and a two-month pitch process against StrawberryFrog, the incumbent on the account. StrawberryFrog's chief executive and chief creative officer, Scott Goodson, said: "Doing great work isn't always enough to keep a relationship together these days."

Sir Frank's ties with the Heineken family date back to the 70s, when Sir Frank's then agency, Collett Dickenson Pearce, developed the iconic "Heineken refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach" campaign.

The Red Brick Road is now briefed to develop a more integrated global strategy for the brewing giant. Heineken currently works with several local agencies, which create disparate ad campaigns.

It will also take over StrawberryFrog's role of developing a pool of central TV and print ads, which can be rolled out in different markets. And it will be responsible for ads to support Heineken's sponsorship of the Uefa Champions League and the Rugby World Cup in 2007.