Red Bull to screen sporting film shorts for cinema push

Red Bull, the drinks brand, is to launch a series of short films showcasing freesports action, as part of four months of big screen and social media activity to target younger cinemagoers via Cineworld.

Red Bull: showing sporting film shorts on Cineworld screens
Red Bull: showing sporting film shorts on Cineworld screens

The four-minute shorts, Red Bull 'Edge of Your Seat' with action from freesports athletes such as Danny MacAskill, Felix Baumgartner, Robbie Maddison and Rachel Atherton, will be shown before films at 400-plus Cineworld screens from Friday (April 1).

The short films will change every month and will be accompanied by activity in the Cineworld magazine, via social media, and in foyers. The Red Bull Energy Drink and Red Bull Sugarfree will also go on sale in all Cineworld cinemas.

Red Bull, which booked the activity directly with Cineworld and its sales house DCM, aims for the films to become a "talking point" across social media, and has planned a teaser campaign on Cineworld’s YouTube channel.

A Red Bull editorial promotion will run in Cineworld’s Unlimited magazine, which Cineworld claims has a distribution base of 400,000, as well as on its online version for the duration of the campaign.

Chris Carter, brand manager at Red Bull, said: "Red Bull has so much great footage and this is the first time we've worked so closely with a cinema chain to give it a platform on the big screen. Cinema represents premium content and this content is premium – it will be spectacular."

The 'Edge of Your Seat' films will include ‘Sucker Punch’, ‘Limitless’, ‘Source Code’ and ‘The Eagle’. Jeremy Playle, sales director at DCM, said Red Bull had developed a "really tailored piece of cinema content".

Playle added: "It creates a humorous dialogue with the audience, drawing them into the breathtaking action. I have no doubt this campaign will create a following of fans for Red Bull who can’t wait to see the next episode."