Red Cell kicks off its debut executions for Wales Tourist Board

Wales is renewing its efforts to revive a tourist industry

decimated by the foot-and-mouth crisis with new advertising designed to

boost the number of autumn visitors.

The £500,000 campaign is the first to be produced for the Wales

Tourist Board by Red Cell since the agency's appointment to the business

in June and is the prelude to a planned relaunch of the Wales brand next


The tactical campaign, which breaks this week, aims to lift the gloom

with a tongue-in-cheek campaign that claims the country's red dragon has

gone missing and is wanted back to join in the autumn activities.

A supporting radio campaign features a knight who ignores a damsel in

distress to find the dragon.

The WTB has adopted innovative tactics to counter the foot-and-mouth

crisis that at its height was losing the Welsh economy £20 million

every week.

In May the WTB put £1 million behind a week-long TV burst to

sustain summer bookings with commercials that were shot, edited and

aired in a single day.

The latest print initiative will target the country's key target areas -

Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and the West Country.