Red Dwarf returns to screens in apocalyptic AA campaign

Starbug is due a service as Red Dwarf gang teams up with AA.

Ahead of Red Dwarf’s return to TV, the AA has launched an out-of-this-world campaign highlighting the perks of its technician-tracking breakdown service.

Set three million years into deep space, "Stellar rescue", by Adam & Eve/DDB, finds Starbug stranded on a desolate planet in the middle of a lightning storm. While mechanoid Kryten (played by Robert Llewellyn), Cat (Danny John Jules) and the holographic Rimmer (Chris Barrie) panic, tech-savvy Scouser Dave Lister (Craig Charles) saves the day with his handy AA app, tracking their mechanic as she pulls up in a decked-out yellow space van.

The spot ends with the line: "The future of breakdown, today." It highlights that the app allows AA members to report a breakdown, pinpoint their exact location and track their mechanic on their phone.  

The work was written by Jon Farley and Alex Lucas, in collaboration with Red Dwarf creators Doug Naylor and Rob Grant, and directed by Declan Lowney through Another Film Company. Goodstuff Communications is the media agency. 

Tracy Abraham, marketing director at the AA, said: "This campaign signals a bold new chapter for the AA in our story of digital transformation, setting the benchmark for simpler and smarter products and services for UK drivers."

The ad will run across TV, cinema, out-of-home, video-on-demand and radio.