Reebok moves into bacon for CrossFit promotion

It's a brand extension designed to raise eyebrows and whet appetites. Reebok has entered the bacon market with the launch of a campaign promoting its sponsorship of the Reebok CrossFit Games.

Reebok: sending packages of bacon to US athletes
Reebok: sending packages of bacon to US athletes

The Reebok CrossFit Games is a US tournament in which athletes compete for recognition as "The Fittest on Earth" (NB that’s American for "Earth", i.e. North America).

This year the sports brand has decided to play up on its CrossFit association with a bacon theme, which is some kind of reference to the diet favoured by CrossFit athletes.

Reebok is delivering branded shoeboxes to all its Crossfit Games athletes; but instead of containing a pair of shoes, they contain uncured, nitrate-free bacon. The company will also deliver bacon snacks to spectators.

The initiative is being promoted on social media, with the hashtag #reebokbacon.

The brand has also produced a video on its YouTube channel featuring athlete Austin Malleolo, who is seen cooking sizzling rashers. "This is your brain on bacon," he tells viewers, referencing the US's famous anti-drugs slogan "This is your brain on drugs".

"Delicious," Malleolo adds.

Client: Reebok

Agency: Venables Bell & Partners San Francisco