A view from Be On

Reese's comedy Halloween viral is sure to raise a chuckle

Social video expert Be On reviews the latest viral by Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Comedy Central.

The brand seems to have missed a trick engaging an online audience. 6/10

The headless horseman and his pumpkin companion come together in Reese's latest ad, Make it a Perfect Halloween, demonstrating that even the most unlikely combinations work well.

And who knows that better than The Hershey Company, which has made its fortune selling peanut butter candy. Shot in a historic home located on North Broadway in Yonkers, Alder Manor, the video is suitably eerie.

The ad explores the tumultuous relationship between the companions as they feast on Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups at Halloween. Lacking a functioning body, the pumpkin requires the horseman’s skills to gorge on treats. However, without a head, the horseman struggles to feed him. After a few failed attempts and several spilt candles, the horseman eventually feeds his friend, albeit through his eye socket. The video is sure to generate a chuckle, taking a suitably slapstick approach to the festive celebration.

Created by creative content agency, Viacom Velocity, as of Thursday the video had 3,500 views on YouTube. And despite being launched on Comedy Central, the video has only attracted 162 Likes on Facebook, failing to grab the attention of a vast online consumer audience.

Focusing on TV, Reece’s has taken a traditional approach to advertising with the spot airing on Comedy Central’s cable channel throughout October. While the concept of the narrative is original and an interesting take on the unique combination of salt and sugar, the brand seems to have missed a trick engaging an online audience. Its interesting storytelling technique has the potential to start conversations, but feels like an opportunity has been missed without much engagement online.