Reevoo founder's secret work weapon is a cafe
A view from Richard Anson

Reevoo founder's secret work weapon is a cafe

A cafe 15 minutes from central London is the secret work weapon of Richard Anson, the founder of Reevoo,

A typical work week sees me flip between the worlds of start-ups and larger brands, alongside a bit of podcasting and lecturing.

Among all that, it’s nice to have somewhere constant to spend my downtime. My local cafe is my go-to place for time and space. My family call it my "second office".

It’s where I think, make decisions, sketch out a new business strategy or simply get some stuff done quickly. It’s opposite a common, with lovely views of open parkland through large glass-fronted windows.

In-between the cafe and the common is a row of majestic old trees, sheltering those waiting for a bus to take them into the city – a journey far from my mind as I order my coffee.

On particularly creative days, I can almost fool myself that I’m in the countryside – or at least not a stone’s throw from central London.

Chattering mums, local business owners and dog walkers set a comfortably familiar ambience. The staff know me and my regular order, as do some of the clientele.

It’s just nice – the antithesis of a frenetic central London chain cafe. I find a nice view, some background noise and the smell of coffee, simple as it seems, extremely good for productivity. The atmosphere relaxes my mind. It’s where I do my best thinking.

Reevoo’s current strategy was sketched out there, as are my recommendations for other businesses I advise and preparation for my podcast series. Much like Pavlov’s dogs, I think I’ve trained my brain to step up its game when I sit down there with a large cup of coffee.

If it’s free, I always go for the same seat – facing the windows and the view of the common, almost shaded by those big old trees.

Unfortunately, it’s almost never for more than an hour or so. Then it’s time to follow those I’ve been watching and make the 15-minute journey back into central London.