Regulator bans 'inaccurate' Zavvi promotion

LONDON - An e-mail promotion offering Zavvi products "from only £1.95" has been withdrawn by the Advertising Standards Authority.

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One person objected that none of the items featured in the ad were available at the advertised "from" price of £1.95.

Zavvi Entertainment Group said that more than 10 per cent of its products were that price when they prepared the ad.

However, the price had changed to £2.95 when the promotion went live, but the banner had not changed.

It claimed to still be selling some products at the advertised price, but did not provide any evidence of how many.

The ASA noted the "from" price in the ad was incorrect.

It considered the complainant’s argument was justified and thus deemed the ad was misleading. The ad must not appear again in its current form.